Dallas police officer who SHOT DEAD man after entering wrong apartment ARRESTED

Dallas police officer who SHOT DEAD man after entering wrong apartment ARRESTED

Dallas police officer who SHOT DEAD man after entering wrong apartment ARRESTED

Guyger has been a part of the department for four years and is assigned to the Southeast Patrol Division. Officer Amber Guyger has said she mistakenly entered Jean's apartment thinking it was her own. Police have not said what transpired afterward, other than to say that Guyger fired her weapon.

According to the Texas Rangers, she was arrested in Kaufman County on Sunday after a warrant was issued for her arrest by the 7th District Court in Dallas County.

The Dallas Police Department has since ceased handling the incident under its "normal officer-involved shooting protocol" and has invited the Texas Rangers to conduct an independent investigation.

"I have to believe based on experience that her decision to use deadly force in the way that she did was influenced by the fact that she was standing in front of a black male and that our society has allowed law enforcement to use deadly force in unnecessary situations against black men with impunity", he said. But officials caution the public about reaching certain conclusions when much is still unknown.

I want to give you details of what we know so far and to clear up some inconsistencies that have already been reported.

"Is this a white on black crime?"

The news conference and prayer gathering will be at Dallas police headquarters, 1400 S. Lamar St. "Don't know", he added.

Hall said the Rangers have interviewed the officer, who had previously been interviewed at the scene of the shooting.

"This is a awful tragedy", Jean's employer said.

"Right now there are more questions than answers", Hall said Friday.

Her blood has been drawn to be tested for drugs and alcohol, according to Police Chief Renee Hall.

At the time of his death, Jean was working for PricewaterhouseCoopers, a multinational professional services firm with an office in Dallas.

As a result of the information above, an arrest warrant is being obtained for the officer involved in this incident.

The family of the dead Black man demanded the officer be arrested immediately, especially since the circumstances surrounding the shooting are highly questionable. He also "frequently led worship for chapel and campus events", the school said. When he returned that night, he sang the song with grace and poise, as though he'd always known it. Jean was taken to a hospital, where he died.

Jean was an accountant at PricewaterhouseCoopers in Dallas, an worldwide company that does assurance, tax and advisory work for firms around the world.

"This is a awful tragedy".

Allison Jean, who has held government posts in St Lucia, where she lives and where her son grew up, said her son's death "just feels like a nightmare". She was visiting a daughter in Florida when she learned her son had been killed.

"I still don't believe he's gone, but we have to accept it", Brandt said in a phone interview. "I wish I could wake up".

"Somebody has to be insane not to realize that they walked into the wrong apartment".

Two women who live on the second floor near where the shooting happened said they heard a lot of noise late Thursday. "If this was not an officer that pulled the trigger, this person would be in a jail cell tonight!"

Allie Jean said she would speak with her son daily, usually before 10 p.m., but thought he might be out after she didn't hear from him.

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