Cuomo defeats Nixon in gubernatorial primary

Cuomo defeats Nixon in gubernatorial primary

Cuomo defeats Nixon in gubernatorial primary

New York Governor Andrew Cuomo on Thursday turned back an aggressive challenge from actress and activist Cynthia Nixon in the race for the Democratic nomination for November's general election.

Tip went to Twitter Monday (September 10) to show his support for Nixon and share footage of her encouraging marijuana legalization.

NY was holding primaries for governor and attorney general on Thursday, with polls set to close at 9:00 p.m.

Attacked for his cozy relationships with New York's political elite and state capital insiders, Cuomo, whose father Mario Cuomo served as the state's governor for three terms himself, nevertheless dominating wide stretches of the upstate region and even large portions of New York City, where Nixon was expected to fare better with progressive voters.

"Cynthia Nixon - Albany would eat her alive", said Michael Said. Nevertheless, a former state Democratic Party chair said based on her experience there was "no way" the mailer was sent out without the "explicit consent" of Cuomo or his senior staff.

"I am the mother of Jewish children", Nixon, who is raising her children Jewish, said in a statement late on Sunday.

With two days to go until New York Democrats head to the polls, Nixon, who has refused corporate donations, knows she's the underdog against a well-known, well-funded, powerful incumbent.

Cuomo is the son of famed former NY governor and almost-presidential candidate Mario Cuomo.

"It is apples and oranges, and to disclose an off the record exchange that had been agreed to by the New York Post is a violation of journalistic ethics", Collins added.

A campaign spokesperson said that Schwartz was reviewing campaign literature and did not flip the mailer over to see the "negative side" of it, only the other side promoting Cuomo as a friend of the Jewish community.

Nixon also sailed into controversy for a bagel order that incensed nearly everyone - the incongruous lox, cream cheese, tomatoes, and capers on a cinnamon and raisin bun.

Registered party voters trickled steadily into polling stations in Manhattan, where Nixon - who espouses universal healthcare, rent controls, and fixing the decrepit subway - is thought to enjoy more support than in the suburbs or rural areas.

In an interview with Reuters last week, Nixon said: "I feel people are going to be very surprised on Thursday", and cited victories she felt her campaign had already scored.

"To break through, that requires a lot of money and organization", he told AFP.

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