Apple iPhone XS, iPhone XC, MacBook, iPad Pro price and specs leaked

Apple iPhone XS, iPhone XC, MacBook, iPad Pro price and specs leaked

Apple iPhone XS, iPhone XC, MacBook, iPad Pro price and specs leaked

Kuo claims that Apple will continue to bundle a 5W power adapter with its 2018 iPhones. Apple is also expected to launch a new series of MacBooks and a new Apple Watch. The current and updated iPhone X that is set to be unveiled September 12 boast OLED screens, but if you're looking to save money, but still retain numerous features of the iPhone X, the cheaper version may be something to consider if you're looking for a worthy upgrade. This move seems to be aimed at making a dent in the Android flagship market.

Based on leaked teaser images, China Mobile and China Telecom are getting ready to launch the first iPhone with dual-SIM support. This year is no different, with everyone guessing what the new iPhones could be called.

There have been pricing rumors swirling around lately, pegging Apple's new iPhones as the most expensive bunch it has ever announced. However, in both cases, it's very hard to speculate on what the 6.1-inch iPhone with LCD screen will be called, though some rumours suggest that the affordable handset of the trio will be referred to as the iPhone XR.

Bloomberg reported at the time that the iPad could be released in 2018. As soon as Apple announces the new models, the price you can get for the old models will drop by at least 20%, possibly more.

It's expected to remove the physical home button and fingerprint sensor on the new iPhones and replace it with swiping gestures and the face-detecting technology found on the iPhone X. Like with that $999 5.8-inch device, screens will get bigger and closer to the edges.

The basic iPhone XS is expected to be an update X with a OLED 5.8-inch screen.

Not much is expected to change as far as design is concerned. The iPhone XS is listed at CNY 7,388 and the iPhone XS Plus is at CNY 8,388 which are around Rs 77,980 and Rs 88,535 respectively. The LCD iPhone could be equipped with a single-lens camera, compared with the double-lens cameras on the higher-end iPhones.

It'd be a pretty sensible move, though not an especially Apple-like one. In response, President Trump said there is "an easy solution" to solve the problem, calling for Apple to make its products in the U.S.

What we are really hoping to see, however, is the rumored 6.5-inch version of the XS. It will also use aluminum instead of stainless steel edges, and come in several additional colors. The phone body pictured is made from an aluminum frame with glass backing to keep support for wireless charging.

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