380,000 card details stolen

380,000 card details stolen

380,000 card details stolen

If the maximum were applied to BA, it could face a fine of £488m, but if the percentage were applied to the parent company, International Airlines Group, the amount could snowball to £825m. The page says that affected customers will be contacted directly, and customers are encouraged to contact their bank or credit card providers immediately.

"There was a very sophisticated, malicious, criminal attack on our website". "The first thing to say is that I am extremely sorry for what happened", Cruz said on the BBC Radio 4 Today programme.

"This feels much more like a transaction-type attack, where data is moving about within the system".

The company noted that the breach has since been resolved and that it's "notified the police and relevant authorities".

Almost 400,000 card payments have been affected (Picture: Getty Images)Which flight bookings were affected by the hack?

"Sadly this data breach is likely to knock back its efforts".

British Airways said that affected customers should contact their bank. It also took out ads in national newspapers on Friday.

A 57-year-old Londoner, who also preferred not to give her name, said she is yet to receive any communication from the airline despite someone using her card details to make a purchase.

The airline said in a statement on Thursday that its website and app were compromised from August 21 until 9:45 p.m. on Wednesday.

There's more information available for what to do if you're afraid you might be one of the people who had their info compromised on the British Airways website.

"Called bank and had to cancel both mine and my wife's card". "We recover from these, we work hard to recover", he said. The company said, however, that passport numbers had not been taken.

In the US, Delta Airlines said in April that payment-card information for several hundred thousand customers could have been exposed by a malware breach months earlier.

And in May 2017, BA suffered a major computer system failure triggered by a power supply issue near Heathrow which left 75,000 customers stranded.

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