Trump celebrates Kelly's first full year as chief of staff

Trump celebrates Kelly's first full year as chief of staff

Trump celebrates Kelly's first full year as chief of staff

Kelly has called the chief of staff position the hardest job he's ever had and bemoaned to White House aids how he had planned to be retired at this stage in his life, said the former White House official. Following months of speculation that the chief of staff was on his way out, the message appeared to be not just about stabilizing Kelly, but also tamping down speculation about staff turnover and projecting calm as the president gears up for his re-election campaign.

That Kelly has stood firm amid the constant firestorm of controversy and deranged hate from President Trump's opponents is inspiring to all those who wish to see integrity, honor, sacrifice, and valor restored once again to our public discourse.

Kelly told staffers that he agreed to the president's ask, despite reportedly telling colleagues in recent months that he did not intend to stay in his role past his one-year mark.

Kelly was brought on in July 2017 to impose order on a chaotic West Wing, replacing Reince Priebus.

On Monday, the president tweeted congratulations to Kelly on reaching the one-year mark.

The news came after Kelly marked his first anniversary as chief of staff amid a swirl of rumors about his potentially imminent departure.

Trump asked Kelly to stay on through 2020 election, the Wall Street Journal reported, and Kelly accepted.

Kelly has told allies that he feels it his duty to serve even if he and the president differ on style and messaging.

The former Homeland Security secretary and Marine Corps general made swift changes in both personnel and protocol, limiting the once-freewheeling environment surrounding the president.

Kelly's tenure was marred by his handling of the domestic abuse allegations against staff secretary Rob Porter, who resigned in February.

John Kelly is a man worth, monetarily, an estimated $4 million based on financial disclosures. "He's a wonderful man", Mr. Trump added at the time.

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