This Video Captures the Terror of Hamas Rockets

This Video Captures the Terror of Hamas Rockets

This Video Captures the Terror of Hamas Rockets

As you can imagine, more people are reading The Jerusalem Post than ever before. "We have complained and you should too".

The Ezzeddin al-Qassam Brigades, Hamas's armed wing, claimed responsibility for the rocket attacks, which came after two of its fighters were killed Tuesday by Israeli strikes inside Gaza.

The Israeli military said that seven people were wounded in southern Israel; one was identified by her employer as a Thai agricultural worker.

A number of Israeli homes, factories, schools and playgrounds were hit during the barrage.

Israel carried out a major wave of strikes across the Gaza Strip overnight in response to some 150 rockets fired at its territory, leaving three Palestinians including a toddler dead in another severe flare-up of violence, officials said Thursday.

Since late on Wednesday, Gaza militants have fired dozens of rockets toward Israel, injuring several people.

More than 100 rockets have been fired into Israel since yesterday from the Gaza strip.

"This is a continuation of an effort to destroy the underground terrorist infrastructure that the IDF has been leading in recent years", read the statement.

A senior military source said that he believes the attacks will continue and that if necessary Israeli villages and towns will be evacuated.

Both sides have said they are working towards a ceasefire agreement, though continued rocket fire may dampen efforts.

"The IDF is prepared for a variety of scenarios and is determined to fulfill its mission of defending the citizens of Israel", the statement added.

An onlooker captured the incredible footage of Israel intercepting mod-air rocket from Gaza. "Hamas will understand in the coming hours, as in the past months, that this is not the direction it wants to choose". A 23-year-old pregnant woman and her 18-month old child were also killed in the strikes, according to the ministry.

Her husband was reportedly injured.

The Israel Defense Forces (IDF) said the violence broke out after militants shot at an IDF vehicle in Gaza on Wednesday. The father was seriously injured. The ministry said the militant and the civilians were killed in separate incidents.

A senior IDF official asserted Thursday morning that the escalation in the south might lead to a broad campaign in Gaza which would the evacuation of communities along the border.

The Gaza clashes reached their peak on May 14, marking the 70th anniversary of the Nakba Day (the Day of Catastrophe), which this year coincided with the United States embassy relocation from Tel Aviv to occupied Jerusalem al-Quds. We will send reinforcements to the south.

Sirens were sounded in several Israeli areas close to the border with Gaza, warning residents to seek immediate shelter, the Israeli army said.

The Israeli authorities have announced that Sapir College will be closed today as will numerous roads in the region.

All trains running between the border town of Sderot and the coastal city of Ashkelon were cancelled and the popular Zikim beach was closed. Public services will also be held in a limited format.

But David Keyes, a spokesman for Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu who made a name for himself doing silly prank videos, says the results from YouTube videos and the like "are incredible and inspiring".

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