Thieves Steal Shark From Texas Aquarium By... Disguising It As A Baby

Thieves Steal Shark From Texas Aquarium By... Disguising It As A Baby

Thieves Steal Shark From Texas Aquarium By... Disguising It As A Baby

Two men have confessed to snatching a small shark from a Texas aquarium's interactive touch tank then whisking it away, wrapping in a blanket and concealing in a baby stroller, police say.

They were caught on surveillance camera smuggling the shark out of the San Antonio Aquarium in Leon Valley in the U.S. as an infant in a carriage.

One grabbed its tail, while the other two wrapped it in a wet blanket, reports KSAT TV.

The bucket the men used to transfer the shark into the lower carriage of the stroller was taken from a backroom in the aquarium, and contained bleach, which could be lethal to the animal. "Initially they were going to show us an old receipt for this type of shark, but it was obviously doctored and the gig was up". Officials found the horn shark "thriving" in the home, because it appeared the suspects had experience working with these animals. The two men are facing theft charges.

One suspect is in custody and "the shark is alive and well and on its way back to the aquarium", Jenny Spellman, the aquarium's general manager, told NBC News on Monday night.

A shark was dressed up as a baby, put into a pushchair, and stolen from an aquarium in broad daylight.

Covino told USA Today that the thieves were trying to sell the shark on Facebook.

Police said the group stole the shark from an open pool where visitors are allowed to reach in and pet the various species in the tank.

As for Miss Helen, she was returned to the aquarium and is recovering from her ordeal in a quarantine before hopefully being reintroduced to her previous home.

Leon Valley Police Chief Joseph Salvaggio said officers initially refused to believe that the 911 call that came in Saturday was real. In a video, Miss Helen can be seen swimming near the surface of a large circular tank that also had an array of colorful corals inside. "I'm really proud of her and I'm so overjoyed to have her back".

The shark was valued at approximately $2,000.

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