The New, Super Powerful Galaxy Note9: For Those Who Want it All

The New, Super Powerful Galaxy Note9: For Those Who Want it All

The New, Super Powerful Galaxy Note9: For Those Who Want it All

In an interview with South Korean site The Investor, DJ Koh, President and CEO of IT & Mobile Communications Division, Samsung Electronics, revealed that the company is confident about the success of the Galaxy Note 9 in the smartphone market. It compares Galaxy S9 with Apple's iPhone, however with an official introduction of the phone, Samsung has maintained its trend of making the mocking ads and has just replaced S9 with Note 9.

A gallery of hands-on photos of the Samsung Galaxy Note 9 smartphone. Maybe next year he won't have to reassure reporters and consumers that Note batteries do not explode.

Industry watchers believe that Samsung is focusing on expanding the sales volume of the latest premium phones by offering them at lower prices than expected. The Note also got curved edges before that became standard on Samsung's flagship phones.

Despite the late-August launch of Samsung's new Galaxy Note 9, the Galaxy S10 could be released as soon as late January or early February.

"The battery in the Galaxy Note9 is safer than ever", Koh said.

And there's no excuse for the Galaxy Note 9 to not be among them. He said they will definitely bring the 5G phone by next year. The report adds that triple-cameras could be a standout feature of Samsung's phones next year, appearing on Samsung's entry level phones and flagships alike. It's never been easier to be more productive. But there's also no question that it's more of an evolutionary update than a revolutionary update. With the S Pen having Bluetooth built-in, you are able to do things with the S Pen, like take pictures without touching your phone, or move between pictures in the gallery and much more. I can't help put imagine how Android Pie's gestures and notification upgrades would have have been incredible on a phone this size and given the Pixel 3 a real run for its money. It is unfortunate, but for Samsung users, it's not that big of a deal, since most of the changes are already included in the Samsung Experience skin on Samsung smartphones.

Where the Galaxy S10 is concerned, ETNews claims to know exactly what Samsung has planned for its new triple-lens camera. For instance, use Galaxy Note9 and SmartThings to control connected devices, or get more done with Bixby, a personalized, intelligent assistant.

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