Hurricane brings rare watches, warnings to Hawaii

Hurricane brings rare watches, warnings to Hawaii

Hurricane brings rare watches, warnings to Hawaii

Longtime Hawaii residents were reminded of the destruction caused by Hurricane Iniki in 1992, which according to Hawaii News Now, made landfall on Kauai island in September of that year as a Category 4 storm with 145 miles per hour winds. This does not mean a direct hit is likely at the moment, but impacts from the storm appear more likely with most recent data.

'This is expected to result in very heavy rainfall, potentially leading to flash flooding'. This raises concerns for flash flooding and mudslides into early next week.

Large waves are already being experienced along the eastern edge of Hawaii, with a "sizable swell already propagating out from this storm, which is now impacting the eastern exposures throughout the Hawaiian Islands, showing strongest along the Hilo Side of the Big Island", according to Jonathan Warren, lead forecaster for After Lane makes its turn to the northwest Wednesday to Thursday, track and intensity forecasts remain uncertain because of the interaction with island mountains and increasing vertical wind shear.

Unfortunately NOAA's "hurricane hunter" aircraft that flies through the center of the storm had to be grounded Tuesday morning, as it needed to be examined after "encountering strong turbulence last night" when flying through Lane, according to NOAA.

Residents are stocking up on essentials and have been remembering how Hawaii was hit by a devastating hurricane in 1992.

A Hurricane Warning remains in effect for Hawaii Island. The central Pacific basin also just doesn't see many tropical cyclones - only about 5 per year - making it much less active than the eastern Pacific Basin, near the coast of Mexico and Central America, or the western Pacific, which sends massive typhoons crashing into Asia.

Which other Hawaiian islands are at risk? Swell direction is expected to trend more SSE to S for the back half of the week as Lane tracks a bit further west and then north in the next couple days. "Hurricane Lane is not a well-behaved hurricane". The red circle shows the location of the Hawaiian Islands; the magenta and purple line segments indicate where storms were at Category 4 or 5 strength, respectively.

"It is much too early to confidently determine which, if any, of the main Hawaiian Islands will be directly impacted by Lane", the Hurricane Center said. Current sea surface temperatures to the south are in the 28 degree range; plenty warm enough to keep a hurricane going.

Stay with us here at The Weather Network as we track this unusual system on its approach to Hawaii this week.

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