Eli Manning on Jalen Ramsey's comments: 'Who?'

Eli Manning on Jalen Ramsey's comments: 'Who?'

Eli Manning on Jalen Ramsey's comments: 'Who?'

Ramsey went scorched on earth on the league, giving his take on almost every NFL quarterback and pulling no punches for the ones who he thought were bad.

Suspended Jacksonville Jaguars wide receiver Jalen Ramsey is in the news once again, only this time he's targeting opposing National Football League quarterbacks rather than the local media.

Buffalo Bills rookie quarterback Josh Allen said he isn't fazed by outside criticisms, including the headline-worthy one from Jacksonville Jaguars cornerback Jalen Ramsey, who labeled him "trash".

When asked about Ramsey's comments after the walk-through on Wednesday, Dak said he had not seen the comments so he couldn't comment. He's trash. And it's gonna show. "For me, as a guy who had a cup of coffee and played in the league, I respect all the players who are out there".

The Falcons will play the Jaguars next Saturday night in their third preseason game of the year. "We never go against them in practice, during the season".

"I don't care. It doesn't bother me one bit".

Tell us how you really feel, Jalen Ramsey. I hope he's their starting quarterback.

For what it's worth, NFL Research did a little digging in an effort to determine just how Ramsey has performed throughout his career when facing the quarterbacks he named in the interview. He just slings it, and his receivers go get it. He says two Super Bowl champions, Joe Flacco and Ben Roethlisberger, "suck" and are "decent at best" respectively.

He has a strong arm, but he ain't all that. He says straight-up that he doesn't know much about the Miami Dolphins quarterback, but adds that what he's heard isn't good. So far, he's looked unbelievable under his new playing weight, and it looks as though good things are on the horizon. You can't tell me you win MVP two years ago, and then last year, you a complete bust, and you still got Julio Jones?

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