Blow for French president as Nicolas Hulot quits live on air

Blow for French president as Nicolas Hulot quits live on air

Blow for French president as Nicolas Hulot quits live on air

Hulot, a TV celebrity and veteran environmental activist, joined Macron's government in May a year ago and has since struggled to fit in with other members of the cabinet and its general policies. "So we have to take greater responsibility for our own security". Macron also said that showing support for Syrian President Bashar al-Assad would be a "grave mistake", but he considers Daesh (Islamic State) the "principal enemy".

"We need to take new initiatives, build new alliances", he said.

He said he hadn't notified the president or the prime minister ahead of his radio announcement.

"However, this should not hinder us doing work in European countries right now on all these issues, and I am counting on you in this", the French president addressed the ambassadors.

That NATO alliance with the USA has been especially important to newer members like Poland and the Baltic states, which have called for an increased NATO presence in their countries since Russia's annexation of Ukraine's Crimean Peninsula in 2014. Trump has singled Germany out for criticism for not meeting the goal, though Berlin has announced plans to increase its military spending to 1.5 percent of gross domestic product by 2025.

After coming to power in May past year, Macron shifted French policy towards prioritizing the destruction of the Islamic State group rather than ousting Assad, warning of a "failed state" if the leader were forcibly removed.

Since his election in May 2017, the 40-year-old French leader has called for a more integrated European Union as a whole, with a common European defense budget and security doctrine.

"I have a profound admiration for Macron and Philippe", he said, adding that he did not want his decision to quit to be used to attack the government. "The response is no", government spokesman Griveaux said. Our answer to that must be: "Europe United!,'" Maas said.

The French President said he was keen to further enhance the connection between the two countries in the form of an strengthened military partnership. The Kremlin said they agreed to push ahead with the Nord Stream 2 pipeline, which will increase Russian gas supplies to Germany, despite the possibility of US sanctions after Trump said Germany's energy imports make it "a captive of Russia".

Macron's political opponents pounced on the resignation.

The TV star was left disappointed when the government backtracked on a target to cut back on nuclear power, while European Union negotiations on pesticides were another source of frustration. "It is urgent to change trajectory and make big decisions to mitigate climate change and the degradation of socio-ecosystems", says Monfort, who's also secretary general of SNCS-FSU, a trade union for researchers.

Macron also was to visit the site of the February 14, 2015, terror attack in Copenhagen that left two dead and five wounded.

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