At least 4 dead in New Brunswick shooting this morning

At least 4 dead in New Brunswick shooting this morning

At least 4 dead in New Brunswick shooting this morning

Two police officers were among four people killed Friday in a shooting that sparked panic and a police lockdown in a sleepy eastern Canadian city, as the nation grapples with rising gun violence.

Fredericton police are asking residents to avoid the area and stay in their homes, but the circumstances of the shooting are unclear.

Police said they have a 48-year-old Fredericton man in custody who was being treated for serious injuries. He was hiding on his kitchen floor.

David MacCoubrey was asleep in his apartment on Brookside Drive when three shots echoed through the morning calm mere metres from his bed.

A suspect is in custody, and the crime scene has been "contained", police said.

Fredericton police said their officers responded to a report of shots fired early on Friday morning and found two victims on the ground.

The city police confirmed the officers' deaths on Twitter.

The town of Fredericton is located about 70 miles from the US border.

In 2014, a shooting in Moncton, New Brunswick left three Royal Canadian Mounted Police officers dead and two wounded.

Evacuees from apartment buildings where the shootings took place, board a city bus to be taken to a temporary shelter in Fredericton, New Brunswick, Canada.

It was something his common-law partner, Jackie McLean, tried to remember on Friday after learning he was one of four people shot dead in a quiet residential neighbourhood in Fredericton.

Burns had served with the Fredericton police force for two years, as well as an auxiliary officer for two years prior. Various nearby businesses, including employees at a local Tim Horton's, locked their doors and were not allowing patrons to enter their facility this morning.

He heard similar sounds about five minutes later, near his home, he said.

Justin Mclean, a resident, said that he was woken by gunfire.

For some, the terror began from the moment they opened their eyes.

Area resident Robert DiDiodato told the CBC that he heard sounds like a "firecracker" at around 7am.

Outside the scene, New Brunswick Premier Brian Gallant urged the public to be patient in waiting for answers.

Jeff Gamon, co-owner of Scandimodern, a furniture store in downtown Fredericton, said he was surprised when he learned of the shooting, but not shocked.

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