AfriForum and FF+ show support for Donald Trump’s ‘SA land’ tweets

AfriForum and FF+ show support for Donald Trump’s ‘SA land’ tweets

AfriForum and FF+ show support for Donald Trump’s ‘SA land’ tweets

Posted at just past 10 p.m., the tweet credited Fox News host and commentator Tucker Carlson - who had presented a piece about South African farmers earlier that evening.

The Department of International Relations and Cooperation will meet the USA acting ambassador to Pretoria, Jessye Lapenn on Thursday, and Minister of International Relations and Cooperation Lindiwe Sisulu will talk to Secretary of State Mike Pompeo through diplomatic channels, after Trump tweeted about the "large scale killing of farmers" following an investigation by right wing news channel Fox.

"The rand is a very volatile currency and President Trump for some reason turning his attention to South Africa is clearly unwelcome", said Chris Turner, the head of foreign-exchange strategy at ING Groep NV in London. In May, its leaders went to the lobby institutions and politicians about Ramaphosa's proposal to expropriate land and the alleged targeting of white farmers.

Donald Trump recently slapped Zimbabwe with tough sanctions following the killing of protesters by the country's military soon after elections.

She was also asked if Pompeo corrected some of Trump's views or explained what was actually happening in South Africa.

The first is that of land expropriation.

Many on social media said the United States president was not aware of the facts on the ground, with one tweeter poking fun at Mr Trump's apparent ignorance about African countries, when he referred to a country called Nambia past year.

Twenty-four years on and the white community that makes up 8 per cent of the population "possess 72 per cent of farms" compared to "only 4 per cent" in the hands of black people who make up four-fifths of the population, according to President Ramaphosa.

"Everyone in South Africa should therefore hope that the pressure from the U.S. will lead to the ANC reconsidering the disastrous route that they want to take SA on", AfriForum's CEO, Kallie Kriel, said.

Ramaphosa said he was convinced that South Africans from across the racial divide were finding each other as the land debate raged on.

The redistribution of land was a fundamental principle of the governing African National Congress (ANC) during its struggle against white-minority rule.

"We encourage an expropriation of land without compensation would risk sending South Africa down the wrong path".

No land has been "seized" since the reform plans were announced, the ANC says.

Today, almost a quarter-century after the first democratic elections, black South Africans comprise 80 per cent of the population but own just 4 per cent of the country's land, according to the government.

While the ANC first agreed in December that the constitution be changed, the populist Economic Freedom Fighters, which has won support from young voters in impoverished townships by vowing to nationalise everything from land to banks, tabled a motion proposing the amendment in parliament in February.

But Kallie Kriel, chief executive of AfriForum - a group that advocates for its largely white membership - welcomed Trump's intervention and attacked Ramaphosa for pressing ahead with the policy before concluding an ongoing public consultation.

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