What's next for Scott Pruitt?

What's next for Scott Pruitt?

What's next for Scott Pruitt?

Following the resignation of Scott Pruitt, the embattled former administrator of the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), President Donald Trump announced that the federal agency would be run for the intervening period by Andrew Wheeler - a former coal lobbyist who shares a similar enthusiasm for his administration's deregulatory agenda.

Scott Pruitt resigned as head of EPA on Thursday following a very long string of ethics scandals and anti-science decisions. Making the announcement via Twitter, Trump also indicated that the agency's Deputy Administrator Andrew Wheeler will assume acting leadership of the EPA starting Monday (July 9).

"We have made tremendous progress and the future of the EPA is very bright!" he tweeted. "I believe you are serving as President today because of God's providence", Pruitt wrote. While Pruitt appeared to be strapped, Wheeler's last job paid a base salary of $741,000, which was augmented by payments from his individual clients.

Pruitt also publicly denied any knowledge of massive raises awarded to two close aides he had brought with him to EPA from Oklahoma.

According to the New York Times, "one potential obstacle to [Wheeler] being nominated by the president to fill the job permanently is his record of opposing Mr. Trump during the presidential campaign". Pruitt no longer even returned calls from Cabinet Affairs, the White House department that oversees agencies, White House officials said. Investigators on Capitol Hill had summoned current and former EPA aides for interviews, as part of the more than dozen federal inquiries into Pruitt's spending and management of the agency.

"We were pleased to defeat him in court recently", Janeway added, referring to recent rulings that ordered the EPA to take action to curb acid rain and smog in the Northeast caused by Midwest factories.

Pruitt's survival came from being in the line of eyesight - angling to hang around the West Wing while lavishing Trump with praise, telling the president he was "brilliant" and a political revolutionary, according to people who have attended meetings with him.

But as summer unfolded, the amount of pressure on Pruitt began to near its breaking point as former staffers came forward to air their concerns and accusations about the EPA chief.

At the same time, it's hard to imagine that anyone could possibly be worse than Pruitt, so let's take a moment to celebrate this victory, and then prepare ourselves to keep fighting on behalf of the environment.

Markey, however, raised concerns about Wheeler taking over the agency.

The mother who went viral for confronting Pruitt at a restaurant with her toddler in her arms said she felt "unrestrained glee" after Pruitt's resignation that was quickly put out by Wheeler's replacement. His firm was paid $300,000 previous year.

Senator Kamala Harris, Democrat from California:"Just because Scott Pruitt resigned doesn't mean we've forgotten about the taxpayer funds he's misused or the damage he's done to our environment".

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