Watch Travis Pastrana do what Evel Knievel couldn't

Watch Travis Pastrana do what Evel Knievel couldn't

Watch Travis Pastrana do what Evel Knievel couldn't

In a televised Evel Live special on the History Channel, Mr Pastrana used an Indian Scout FTR750 to jump 143 feet - 23 feet farther than Knievel did in 1973 - and clear 52 crushed cars.

X Games legend, part-time rally driver and full-time professional badass Travis Pastrana, will look to replicate three of the most unsafe motorcycle jumps attempted by Even Knievel tomorrow.

LAS VEGAS Daredevil Travis Pastrana has successfully replicated three of Evel Knievel's motorcycle jumps. In 1975, Knievel jumped 14 buses.

The 34-year-old action sports star vaulted over 52 flattened cars and 16 Greyhound buses in a vacant lot behind Planet Hollywood Resort before successfully landing a jump over the ornamental fountains at Caesars Palace - a stunt that almost took his predecessor's life on New Year's Day 1967.

"This is all about Evel, and the coolest thing about this whole thing, all of Evel's family is out here", said Pastrana.

Pastrana, dressed in a white leather suit adorned with stars and stripes as an homage to the late Knievel (who died in 2007 aged 69), said it was "an honour to live a day in Evel's boots".

The stunt was famously attempted by legendary stuntman Evel Knievel in 1967 that rustled in him crushing his pelvis and femur, fracturing bones in his hips, wrists and ankles and was reportedly hospitalized with a coma in for 29 days. "I'm not done yet, but this was definitely the coolest thing I've ever been able to do".

The event, called "Evel Live", aired on the History Channel. If you thought the result of the bus jump was bad, brace yourself.

Capping the night? A dive by Pastrana into the fountains to celebrate. Where, I'm jumping basically a street bike. With a police escort, Pastrana took to the Las Vegas Strip to drive to the location of his last jump of the night, taking the occasion to interact with the fans on his way to the casino. Pastrana celebrated his success with a few burnouts and a dive in the fountain-it was a scorching 110 after all in Vegas.

Of the three jumps, the one over the fountains was the shortest but also the most technical, the cramped confines of Caesars' front courtyard leaving little room for error.

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