Trump's Approval Climbs Despite Russia Hype — NBC Poll

Trump's Approval Climbs Despite Russia Hype — NBC Poll

Trump's Approval Climbs Despite Russia Hype — NBC Poll

Senate Minority Leader Charles Schumer is demanding on his Republican counterpart, Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, and the Republican leadership team to convene a public hearing on any deal made between President Donald Trump and Russian President Vladimir Putin at their recent summit in Helsinki.

Prosecutors say Butina engaged in a years-long campaign as a covert agent for the Kremlin in an attempt to "advance the interests of her home country". Republicans must get tough now. While he could not recall details, Fischer said the conversation involved "the state of the Russian economy" and Torshin's new role as deputy central bank governor.

President Donald Trump has returned to referring to the commotion over Russia as "a big hoax" after a week of drama, back tracking and a double negative about his attitude toward Russian election interference.

Mitchell was responding to a tweet from White House press secretary Sarah Sanders, saying, "In Helsinki, @POTUS agreed to ongoing working level dialogue between the two security council staffs. President Trump asked @Ambjohnbolton to invite President Putin to Washington in the fall and those discussions are already underway". In fact, he said Trump missed the opportunity to "distinguish" the U.S. Moreover, Trump acknowledged Russian Federation as a rightful and indispensable power, and described the Obama Administration's attempts to isolate Russian Federation as misguided and counterproductive.

Robert Driscoll, Butina's attorney, has pushed back strongly on the accusations against Butina, and told CNN on Friday that much of the USA government's case against her was "taken completely out of context".

Under pressure from Congress, which previous year passed a tough sanctions law targeting Russia, the US Treasury in April imposed sanctions on Russian officials and oligarchs for election meddling and "malign" activities.

The think tank hosted Trump at an event at the Mayflower Hotel in Washington in April 2016 also attended by Sergei Kislyak, Russia's ambassador to Washington at the time.

Russian Federation has been steadily beating the drum on Butina's behalf.

Two months earlier, in February 2015, the group's Russian-born CEO, Dimitri Simes, travelled to Moscow, where he met with Putin and other Russian officials, the organization's records showed.

Butina, a gun rights activist, founded a pro-gun group in Russian Federation called Right to Bear Arms, which Butina told the Senate panel was the recipient of Nikolaev's funding, a person familiar with her testimony told the Post. Greenberg did not return calls for comment. Were any other members of the President's team?

Despite Republicans' lukewarm support for Trump's Helsinki performance, they express growing confidence in his ability to project US strength around the world. Others think that he was trying to distract attention from the gathering evidence that Russian Federation had interfered in the United States elections by publicly cosying up with Putin in a bid to show that he had nothing to hide.

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