Trump says North Korea talks 'going well'

Trump says North Korea talks 'going well'

Trump says North Korea talks 'going well'

According to NBC, which spoke to USA officials familiar with intelligence assessments of North Korean denuclearization, the Kim regime has only stopped its missile and nuclear tests.

Meanwhile, the Trump administration is expanding the capabilities of U.S. nuclear weapons, asking Congress last month to approve the conversion of some high-yield W76-1 warheads to the smaller W76-2 version.

Trump did not respond to recent news reports of U.S. intelligence assessments saying Kim Jong-un's regime has been expanding its weapons capabilities after the two leaders held a historic summit in Singapore.

Following his meeting in Pyongyang, Mr Pompeo will then travel to Japan where he will discuss North Korea denuclearisation with Tokyo and South Korean officials.

Bolton, who has expressed hard-line views on North Korea, said that if Pyongyang has made a decision to give up its nuclear weapons program and is co-operative, then "we can move very quickly" and they can win sanctions relief and aid from South Korea and Japan.

This comes on top of a Washington Post report that us intelligence believes the North Koreans are planning to hide the number of warheads in their arsenal.

The national security adviser added that "there's nobody involved in this discussion with North Korea in the administration who is overburdened by naïveté". -North Korea summit in Singapore last month, the daily reported.

Less than a month later, it seems that North Korea's Kim may have been the only "great negotiator" at their meeting and that it is "going well" only for the North Korean regime.

Trump told Bartiromo that he didn't want to single out China on trade, which was surprising to say the least.

Experts are warning that the Trump administration's plan to dismantle North Korea's nuclear weapons and missiles in just a year is both unrealistic and risky.

National Security Adviser John Bolton said the United States could dismantle the regime's stockpile in a year if Kim would cooperate. The follow-up round of talks between the two men would come when world leaders are in US for the U.N. General Assembly meeting, Axios reported.

Pompeo told CNN last week he would not put a timeline on negotiations with North Korea, but said the Trump administration will regularly assess the regime's seriousness about abandoning its nuclear program as the USA moves toward normalizing relations with Pyongyang.

US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo speaks during a news conference following a meeting with North Korea's envoy Kim Yong Chol in New York, US, May 31, 2018.

Pressure will now be on Pompeo to make progress in negotiations with North Korea to turn the summit declaration into concrete action.

The Stanford team has proposed a 10-year roadmap, based on its belief that "North Korea will not give up its weapons and its weapons program until its security can be assured".

Trump became the first US president since the Korean War to accept a meeting with a North Korean when he met with Kim last month.

The State Department said Pompeo would head from Pyongyang to Tokyo on Saturday, where he would discuss North Korean denuclearization with Japanese and South Korean leaders.

"There's not any starry-eyed feeling among the group doing this", he added.

"In terms of a timeline, I know some individuals have given timelines, we are not going to provide a timeline for that".

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