Trump says he hopes to strike trade deal with Europe

Trump says he hopes to strike trade deal with Europe

Trump says he hopes to strike trade deal with Europe

European Commission chief Jean-Claude Juncker said Wednesday the United States and EU were "not enemies" as he began talks with US President Donald Trump aimed at defusing trade tensions between the two key economies.

"The aim of this visit is to cool down the situation and prevent an escalation of the trade conflict", Malmstrom told Swedish newspaper Dagens Nyheter in an interview. If not, the European Commission is preparing quite a long list of many American products.

After the talks, Trump highlighted benefits for USA farmers.

For some trade analysts, the concern was less about the particulars of the Trump-Juncker détente than how Europe plans to deal with Trump, who only recently called the European Union a "trade foe".

For instance, the U.S. said in May it had trade war with China on hold as both countries agreed to execute a framework for increasing US's agriculture and energy exports after high-level talks in the same month. And it didn't begin to address other Trump-led trade conflicts, notably with China, that have already hurt many USA companies. Seen in purely deal-making terms, the European Union won far more than the U.S. did. "Also, they will be buying vast amounts of LNG!"

He has slapped taxes on imported steel and aluminium, saying they pose a threat to USA national security.

The report's deadline is February 2019, but it is now expected by late August/early September.

Washington insiders have been quick to caution that Trump's move to temper his trade policies is likely a temporary tack in the face of elections, rather than the abandonment of his hardline "America First" agenda.

Juncker will not arrive in Washington with a specific trade offer, the commission said on Monday. In negotiations with the US, China had hoped, but failed, to stave off a tariff battle with promises to purchase more agricultural and energy products from the US.

The official told Reuters: "They want to work together with us on China and they want to help us reform the WTO (World Trade Organization)".

Agricultural trade negotiations have traditionally been the hardest in worldwide free trade talks due to political sensitivities. Given Trump's records of backing out of deals and agreements, this might be easily undone.

"I have an idea for them".

European farmers, which are not major soybean producers, do not need to worry about competition from the United States, he said. "They can compete with anybody if we can get free and fair trade".

While the USA president can claim his aggressive approach is working, consumers, farmers and businesses are feeling the pain from the retaliatory measures imposed to counter the raft of US tariffs on steel, aluminum and tens of billions of dollars in products from China put in place in recent weeks. The Trump administration's action to stand by our agricultural producers is a clear message that China can not bully farmers to coerce the United States to cave in. "It was completely impossible".

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