Trump on Democrats calling to abolish ICE: "I love that issue"

Trump on Democrats calling to abolish ICE:

Trump on Democrats calling to abolish ICE: "I love that issue"

Trump seems to relish the prospect of Democrats making the abolishment of ICE a campaign issue. "Crime would be rampant and uncontrollable!"

More than 700 protests took place at cities across the country on Saturday, according to the organizers, with major marches in Washington D.C., New York, Los Angeles and other cities such attracting various lawmakers and public figures.

His proposal would create a commission, the objective of which would be to issue recommendations to Congress and identify the essential functions of ICE that can be returned to other federal agencies. Pramila Jayapal of Washington state and Adriano Espaillat of NY on legislation to eliminate the agency.

A former spokesman for US Immigration and Customs Enforcement said it "doesn't make sense" to get rid of ICE despite public criticism of the agency, and that agents "have a rough time with this too" in the midst of backlash over the separation of undocumented families at the border. On Tuesday, U.S. House candidate Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez delivered a stunning Democratic primary upset in NY after campaigning on abolishing the agency, which was formed in 2003 as part of a post-9/11 federal overhaul that created the Department of Homeland Security.

And Sen. Bernie Sanders is reminding people he voted against the establishment of the agency.

"I think what has to change are the policies, and the people that are making these policies are making horrendous decisions like separating kids from their parents", she said on "This Week".

"I think it's a winning issue for him", said Leon Fresco, an immigration lawyer who served as an aide to Senator Charles Schumer, (D), during Congress' unsuccessful effort to pass comprehensive immigration reform in 2013-2014. You don't rip little children away from the arms of their mother'.

She was followed by Sen.

The focus was on the roughly 2,000 children who have been separated from their families under President Trump's "zero-tolerance" immigration policy. Mr. Trump signed an executive order to end those separations, but many children still remain apart from their parents.

Almost 540 children have been reunited, according to the USA government.

ICE was created within the newly formed Department of Homeland Security following the passage of the Homeland Security Act of 2002.

Meanwhile the agency has a new chief after its current head retired.

The separation of more than 2,000 children from their parents and guardians at the U.S. -Mexico border has sparked worldwide outrage and growing calls in the United States for the abolition of the immigration agency on the front lines of the dispute.

Protesters taken into custody as officers face federal charges as barriers removed from Southwest Macadam Avenue building.

He wrote in another tweet: "To the great and fearless men and women of ICE, do not worry or lose your spirit".

An ICE spokesman could not be reached for comment on this story, but during a stop in North Dakota this week, Trump warned that if ICE were eliminated, the country would be "overrun with the worst criminal elements you have ever seen".

Why do Dems want to abolish ICE?

Next it will be all police.

In a following tweet, he says abolition will "never happen!"

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