Thai cave rescue operation over, all 13 recovered after 17 days

Thai cave rescue operation over, all 13 recovered after 17 days

Thai cave rescue operation over, all 13 recovered after 17 days

Four more, plus the coach, are set to be brought out Tuesday.

Two of the boys possibly have a lung infection but all eight are generally "healthy and smiling, " he said.

The team was also given anti-anxiety medication to calm them while the divers got them out.

The last three members of the "Wild boar" football team and their coach was rescued today ending a three day rescue attempt that had caught the world's attention.

Twelve boys and their football coach were in hospital after they were rescued from the cave in three daring rescues.

Former Chiang Rai governor and rescue mission commander Narongsak Osotthanakorn said Monday night that it would take 20 hours to prepare for the operation, but he cautioned timings could change depending on weather and water levels.

Smith, who also runs KAOS Entertainment in Bangkok, said "it's apolitical, it has no agenda".

"We are not sure if this is a miracle, a science, or what", they said on Facebook.

A Thai Navy SEAL force announced that the remaining four boys and the coach were rescued on Tuesday. They have had to stay away from their parents and other people for fear of infection.

"They are not only the kids of Chiang Rai or the kids of Thailand", she said in English.

But against all odds, the rescue team was successful in extracting the group.

Family members have seen at least some of the boys from behind a glass isolation barrier, and Jesada said doctors may let the boys walk around their beds Tuesday.

Four boys and their soccer coach remain in the cave. In a drama that has received press coverage across the world, two British cave rescue specialists, workign with Thai military teams, found the 13 on a bank in a partly flooded chamber several kilometers inside the complex on Monday, last week.

Heavy rains lashed the northern Thai region late Monday and a steady downpour has continued Tuesday.

Earlier that day, Osatanakorn said the final, third, stage of the operation was proceeding faster than expected. All they wanted to talk about was whether there were any updates about the team. Officials said the first mission lasted about 11 hours, while the second mission was two hours faster.

"Just returned from Cave 3", Musk said. The English soccer team Manchester United has invited the Wild Boars to visit the Old Trafford stadium in Manchester for a match this coming season, and Kyle Walker, a player for England's national team, tweeted that he was planning to send gifts to the 12 boys.

He posted video of divers escorting the pod during testing in a Los Angeles swimming pool. Each of the rescued boys has been guided through the dark winding cave by a pair of divers.

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