Samsung Galaxy X Will Never See The Light

Samsung Galaxy X Will Never See The Light

Samsung Galaxy X Will Never See The Light

It might have found it in Fortnite.

Multiple reports have now revealed that the DeX experience on the Galaxy Note 9 won't require a special accessory.

In fact, XDA's source claims Samsung's entire launch "is going to be based around Fortnite". However, owners of Android smartphones and loyalists of Fortnite were left hanging as the company is yet to release the game on the uber popular smartphone OS. A feasible argument, for sure.

If a Fortnite exclusive proves as lucrative as Samsung presumably hopes, then the next Galaxy Note will be on fire for all the right reasons.

According to reports, not only will the Galaxy Note 9 come loaded with Fortnite Mobile, it will also come with a bevy of bonuses. This is when you can get around $150 worth of in-game features such as player skins etc. Additionally, the S Pen is also expected to play a key role in this regards, meant to be used as a specialised tool for playing Fortnite. Although how it might work is unclear. Of course, we'll need to wait until we know everything before making any judgments as to whether you should buy the phone for gaming purposes, but for now, things look promising. Again, the details are sketchy and this is only a rumor.

As previously reported, the Note 9 is tipped to closely resemble the former Note 8, with the exception of a more accessible fingerprint reader.

"Samsung", "tablet" and "interesting" aren't words that often find themselves next to each other in a sentence, but the Galaxy Tab S4 that we've seen so much of in recent weeks has the potential to change that.

Taking a loss in order to be first is a gutsy move, though Huawei is clearly confident that it will pay dividends in the long run, as it (NOT Samsung) would be first to market with a high-end, foldable smartphone.

It is expected that the novelty will present on 9 August this year.

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