Samsung foldable phone with massive curved battery rumoured

Samsung foldable phone with massive curved battery rumoured

Samsung foldable phone with massive curved battery rumoured

The Korean giant's earnings guidance for Q2 2018 includes expected consolidated sales to be approximately 58 trillion won ($52 billion USD), while the expected consolidated operating profit should be around 14.8 trillion won ($13.25 billion USD). We've been seeing rumours on the folding Samsung Galaxy X trickle out for a few months, and more recently some bits and pieces about the Galaxy S10.

Revenue likely came in at 58 trillion won ($51 billion), a decrease of almost 5 percent from a year earlier.

Samsung expects its second-quarter profit growth to be its lowest in more than a year, amid reports of lackluster sales of its flagship Galaxy S9 smartphones. The more recent tweet says the Galaxy Watch will run Wear OS, so we lean towards that being the case. Now, noted leaker Ice Universe claims those dates have been reversed, meaning the X will arrive at CES in January and the S10 will arrive at MWC in February - much like the Galaxy S9 did this year.

Early next year, it's likely that Samsung is going to announce the Galaxy S10. The device will enter mass production later this year ahead of its unveiling in the first month of 2019.

Back in April, Counterpoint's data placed both versions of the Galaxy S9 in the top two positions, followed by the iPhone X, 8 Plus, and 8. "They will provide a good experience to consumers if we make them well", Koh said at the time. However, it didn't reveal any detail about its anticipated foldable handset.

The lack of design change coupled with incremental upgrades such as a specs bump, a minor camera upgrade along with the variable aperture mode was not sufficient to turn the tides in the company's favor.

Samsung hopes its foldable phone would improve its profit.

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