President Trump Denies Half-Staff Flag Request For Victims Of Annapolis Newspaper Shooting

President Trump Denies Half-Staff Flag Request For Victims Of Annapolis Newspaper Shooting

President Trump Denies Half-Staff Flag Request For Victims Of Annapolis Newspaper Shooting

All are welcome. On Saturday, the 5:30 p.m. Eucharist at St. Anne's Episcopal Church in downtown will be offered for the victims.

The alleged Capital Gazette killer, Jarrod Ramos, sent letters ahead of the shooting, including one to the newspaper's former attorney threatening to head to the newsroom "with the objective of killing every person present". She says a third was sent to a law office. I don't know why it was confusing or exactly who said what when ...

"He was six five so it made sense, but also he had a really, really big heart", she said, before reading a poem in her dad's honor.

Cowherd, an author who worked with Hiaasen for years at The Baltimore Sun, described him as an open, fun-loving man who found humor in everything.

Anne Arundel County State's Attorney Wes Adams said Ramos' actions, including barricading a back door so that people could not escape and his "tactical approach of hunting down and shooting the innocent victims", was evidence of a coordinated attack.

Trump created a furor this week when the White House declined a request from Annapolis Mayor Gavin Buckley to fly USA flags at half-staff, similar to orders the president issued after other mass shootings, including the school massacre in Parkland, Florida.

The decision follows a request over the weekend by Annapolis Mayor Gavin Buckley, D, which he said was initially not granted.

In 2016, the flag was flown at half-staff 53 times, the report said. Columnist Rob Hiaasen, sales assistant Rebecca Smith, editorial page editor Gerald Fischman, special publications editor Wendi Winters and writer John McNamara.

Retired publisher Tom Marquardt told the Capital Gazette he had concerns about Ramos and called police on him in 2013.

"With the lowering of the Maryland flag, we honor the dedicated journalists of our hometown newspaper in our state's capital", the governor said in a statement. Ramos is accused of opening fire on Thursday over a longstanding grudge against the paper.

The Baltimore Sun, which owns the smaller newspaper, said journalists "dived under their desks and pleaded for help on social media".

The letters have Ramos' return address, according to what police told the Sun.

In the immediate aftermath of Thursday's shooting, Mr. Trump posted to Twitter that his thoughts and prayers were with the victims and their families.

The extent of Ramos' focus on the Capital Gazette column was evident in one of his many court filings. He had a long, acrimonious history with the newspaper, including a lawsuit and years of harassment of its journalists. Ramos is now charged with five counts of murder. He was ordered held without bail on Friday. Ramos was represented by public defender William Davis.

The White House did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

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