Netflix tests Ultra plan

Netflix tests Ultra plan

Netflix tests Ultra plan

According to some service users in Italy, promotional material they received says the Premium screen allowance of four would drop to two, but this has been disputed by other Italian Netflix account holders, who say the four-screen option will remain in Premium according to details they have seen. As reported by Tutto Android, this new "Ultra" streaming tier from Netflix will offer the exact same benefits as the existing Premium tier which includes 4K streaming for up to 4 devices simultaneously. If Netflix does cut the number of simultaneous screens in half for its Premium plan, that would be akin to a price hike for those who share the service with three other users. Sadly, both of those imply downgrading other levels of the service while making the new Ultra tier similar to what's now offered by the $13.99 Premium offering.

Whenever Netflix raises the price of its subscription plans - and this happens every few years - we keep hearing about disgruntled users ready to leave the service because of the price increase.

Supposed screenshots showing the new plan made it online and it now appears as though they're genuine. Notably, the Standard tier would also get to one stream from two. It sure is, but Netflix is reportedly testing a new tier that is pricier than the current Premium tier.

A company spokesperson, Smita Saran, confirmed the testing of the new tier to CNet. Pricing for the current plans are unchanged in this test, but the way the pricing is structured seems to be a way to disguise the price hike.

While this makes things look disappointing, it should be noted that this is simply a test and Netflix says it's trying to "better understand how customers value Netflix".

In October 2017, Netflix announced some price increases to plans in Ireland, seeing the Standard and Premium plans go up by €1 and €2, respectively.

This Ultra level is priced at €16.99 ($19.78) per month, which is €3 more than the Premium tier that already supports Ultra HD content and four screens.

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