Funko Releasing Some Fortnite Figurines In The Near Future

Funko Releasing Some Fortnite Figurines In The Near Future

Funko Releasing Some Fortnite Figurines In The Near Future

From the birthday Battle Bus to the sploder husks carrying a tasty surprise, we can't wait to party with you!

It's a particularly impressive number considering the game is free to play and has been out for less than two years.

AWS has helped Fortnite's developers deal with huge spikes in traffic. As the news release puts it, this ultimately led to the CPU holding "a backlog of pending requests resulting in a feedback loop" which meant Epic Games had no choice but to close the Playground for repairs. Fortnite is expected to debut on Android in the coming months and that is set to expose the game to a user base of more than 2 billion people.

Battle Royale, the virally popular video game, has generated more than 1 billion dollars in revenue through in-game purchases alone, estimates gaming intelligence company SuperData. That has been one of the keys to Fortnite's success-it's available on several platforms, including the Nintendo Switch.

After server lag cut the first Summer Skirmish event short a week ago, Epic Games was back to host a highly-anticipated $500,000 Solo tournament today.

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While FORTNITE: The Movie, hits numerous notes of the gaming phenomenon, it's important to know it is not related to a Fortnite television show that was rumored to be in the works.

700 million hours of battle royale content was viewed in May, and Fortnite accounted for 83 percent of those hours. "We are so excited to be going on this journey with Epic Games". But even beyond that, it could be a pretty consistent source of new, limited run releases - something that Funko loves to do.

Jump in-game and join the celebration on July 24.

While the game is free-to-play, huge sales of cosmetic items (only purchasable through real money) and advertising helped by celebrity endorsement, helped Epic achieve this milestone.

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