CJ McCollum added to Kevin Durant’s social media rap sheet

CJ McCollum added to Kevin Durant’s social media rap sheet

CJ McCollum added to Kevin Durant’s social media rap sheet

The Portland Trail Blazers guard started by expressing his displeasure with DeMarcus Cousins' signing with the Golden State Warriors. During those times, the Lakers had the capability to create enough salary cap space to give James and Durant maximum contracts.

Regardless, the Warriors-Blazers games this season just got a whole lot more interesting.

"I ain't want no smoke with nobody", Durant said.

It's easy to understand the "when" in Durant's dragged out social media drama: His accounts dim during business hours (the National Basketball Association season) and then crank back up when vacation hits. Instead, Durant entered his home, didn't take his shoes off and stomped all over McCollum's couch. "I think it's gonna make his book even more interesting when it's done".

Durant appeared on McCollum's podcast, Pull Up, which was released on Wednesday, to discuss several topics, including his list of greatest NBA players and what it felt like to play college basketball at the University of Texas. I just did your f--in podcast. "I mean... you know you guys aren't going to win a championship". "All you really gotta do is watch me hoop, right?"

McCollum: "I can be upset because Cuz was a free agent, which means he could've - this is also why I was upset - he could've came to Portland". "CJ, I am going to have some wine with him in NY when he gets back from China and take a picture if you all really don't believe me". So what's the problem if I got something to say?

The second round of this "beef"-if you could call it that-began with McCollum calling Durant's decision to join the Warriors "soft". Now I'm just like, I don't really care what people think about me, the names people call me. I mean, I know y'all trying to make me look insane and discredit me and strip me of my credibility.

McCollum: "People thought I was playing, I for real texted Cuz and we talked, we hashed it out". I know what's important. It's everybody's sentiments, like, 'Yo, shut up, K.D.' I'm not talking, I'm just being me.

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