Brett Kavanaugh nominated as Kennedy's Supreme Court replacement

Brett Kavanaugh nominated as Kennedy's Supreme Court replacement

Brett Kavanaugh nominated as Kennedy's Supreme Court replacement

In 2009, Kavanaugh wrote an article for the Minnesota Law Review describing his belief that USA presidents should not be subject to certain probes and lawsuits. Tom Carper, said Monday he is against confirming Kavanaugh. "This process is not on the level", Fallon said, referring to the Democratic senator's quick rejection of any Trump nominee. "This is an opportunity for senators to put partisanship aside and consider his legal qualifications with the fairness, respect and seriousness that a Supreme Court nomination ought to command". Kavanaugh's record on gun rights, abortion and presidential power suggests that, if he's confirmed, he will swing the court to the right.

Here's what central Illinois' congressional delegation has to say about Kavanaugh's nomination.

Kavanaugh has bank account worth $65,000.

Later, in a statement provide by her office, Frankel said: "The alarming reality is that we are on the precipice of five men taking us back to the days of coat-hanger medicine, when women were maimed and killed as a result of back alley abortions".

The bottom line? Democrats would have opposed any nominee, regardless of their qualifications, Republicans have the votes, Kavanaugh will eventually be confirmed to the Supreme Court, and everything that happens between now and then is just political theatre meant to help establishment Democrats keep a hold onto the reins of power within their party. Of the 28 percent would like to see the ruling reversed, 51 percent were Republicans and 13 percent were Democrats.

"Most of the court's business cases are not 5-4", said Ilya Shapiro, a senior fellow in constitutional studies at the libertarian Cato Institute, referring to the narrow votes that often emerge in contentious cases.

"A decision by one or all of them [red-state Democratic senators] to try to bolster their standing with Republican-leaning voters in their states by backing the president's nominee would undermine Democratic leaders as they try to sustain party unity".

Former Clerk for Judge Kavanaugh Hagan Scotten and former Clerk for Justice Scalia Ed Whelan on how much pushback Judge Kavanaugh will receive from Democrats. "Kiss my you know what", West Virginia's Sen.

"As a point of comparison, look at Bob Casey who is also up for re-election in the Trump-won state of Pennsylvania".

Abortion will be perhaps the key issue in upcoming confirmation hearings for Kavanaugh.

While Supreme Court nominations are the job of the Senate, House members are also weighing in.

In 2000, Kavanaugh represented pro bono the Miami relatives of 6-year-old Elian, who wanted to keep the child in Miami despite his father's wishes to have custody of him in Cuba. Susan Collins, R-Maine, and Lisa Murkowski, R-Alaska. He called Kavanaugh "one of the finest and sharpest legal minds of our time". "Having known him and his family personally and witnessing his proven track record, I am excited to have his measured perspective added to the bench", said LaHood, a Republican from Dunlap who also represents parts of Bloomington-Normal.

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