Trump Predicts 'Tremendous Success' In Summit With Kim

Trump Predicts 'Tremendous Success' In Summit With Kim

Trump Predicts 'Tremendous Success' In Summit With Kim

"North Korea must now take concrete and verifiable steps to implement its commitments", she said.

The official start of the summit came when the two world leaders shook hands shortly after 9 a.m. local time.

Mr Trump said he had formed a "very special bond" with Kim and that relationship with North Korea would be very different.

In advance of their private session, Trump predicted "tremendous success" while Kim said through an interpreter that "we have come here after overcoming" obstacles. "Really, very positive, I think better than anybody could have expected, top of the line, really good", Trump added, before showing Kim the interior of "The Beast", his armour-plated limousine.

Kim spoke at the signing, through a translator, saying that they had a "historic meeting and made a decision to leave the past behind".

Earlier, before a row of alternating United States and North Korean flags, the leaders shared a warm 13-second handshake at a Singapore island resort, creating an indelible image of two unorthodox leaders as they opened a conversation that could determine historic peace or raise the specter of a growing nuclear threat.

The actual text of the document was visible in a picture from the signing, after Trump held it up to show their signatures.

When President Donald Trump sat down to make the case for peace to North Korea's leader Kim Jong Un on Tuesday, he rolled out what amounted to a movie trailer starring the two leaders.

About 28,500 USA troops are now stationed in South Korea as a legacy of the 1950-53 Korean War.

"We're stopping joint exercises for a while to give Kim Jong Un some assurance that we're willing to meet him more than halfway", Graham said. Thousands of war remains are believed to be scattered across North Korea, where the most intense fighting of the 1950 to 1953 civil war took place.

Democrats slammed Trump for making the agreement while accusing him of elevating North Korea in his "haste" in striking a deal.

Now, all key players, from China to South Korea, Singapore and the USA, have a direct stake in ensuring that the peace negotiations move forward and as smoothly as possible.

But Trump's key negotiator, ambassador Sung Kim, told reporters afterwards there was a lot of work still to be done. Kim's image would now be bolstered, critics said.

"I said to everybody, I said, 'The door is open'".

Both men were desperate for this meeting, with Trump perhaps even more so.

"Under the circumstances, we are negotiating a complete deal", he added.

The question of North Korea's dismal human rights record came up a couple of times at the news conference, and at first, Trump said that he and Kim discussed it "relatively briefly", but later saying that "it was discussed at length outside of the nuclear situation". Trump cast the decision as a cost-saving measure, but North Korea has long objected to the drills as a security threat.

Rodman told reporters at Changi Airport that he had travelled to Singapore "to see what's going on" and that he hoped "that things turn out to be well for everyone in the world".

Trump said he would not yet be withdrawing American troops: "I want to get our soldiers out, I'd like to be able to bring them back home, but that's not part of the equation right now".

"Kim Jong Un's agreement to meet Trump means he's having a hard time (from sanctions)".

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