The Insiders: June 17th Edition, U.S. Relationship With North Korea

The Insiders: June 17th Edition, U.S. Relationship With North Korea

The Insiders: June 17th Edition, U.S. Relationship With North Korea

He repeatedly defended the highly publicized meeting in Singapore last week with North Korean leader Kim Jong Un against criticisms that it was primarily a spectacle that yielded few tangible results.

Meanwhile, South Korea's presidential office expressed optimism on Saturday about U.S. President Donald Trump's recent announcement that he would speak with North Korean leader Kim Jong-un on the phone, calling it "very important progress". "I said, 'why aren't we being reimbursed?'"

US President Donald Trump on Tuesday praised China's President Xi Jinping for helping secure an agreement towards North Korea's denuclearisation, and said the deal would be good for Beijing.

While en route home from the summit, Trump tweeted, "There is no longer a Nuclear Threat from North Korea", an assessment both Democratic and Republican lawmakers in Congress said amounted to hyperbole or wishful thinking, even as they as they mostly praised Trump's effort in meeting with Kim.

After their discussions in Singapore, Trump and Kim signed an agreement committing the United States to unspecified "security guarantees" in exchange for Kim's reaffirmation of commitment to a denuclearized Korean peninsula.

"When I came in, people thought we were probably going to war with North Korea", he said.

After Fox News host Bret Baier called Kim Jong Un a "killer" who is "clearly executing people", Trump responded that "he's a tough guy". But they need us more than we need them - President Trump is right about that - and we should be strong. Don't let anyone think anything different.

The president afterward said he wanted to end the United States' joint military exercises with South Korea.

President Trump on Friday expressed admiration for the way Kim Jong Un is treated by North Koreans.

The summit also made a clean break from the failed approaches of past USA administrations, he said.

"You are about to see something on the Fox News that has never happened, we believe, in the history of White House reporting", reporter Steve Doocy said live on air.

But it remains in possession of fissile material for a dozen to 60 nuclear bombs, independent experts say.

"This is the beginning of the process toward the denuclearization of North Korea".

Trump on Sunday also re-posted one of his tweets from last week that contained multiple, previously unreported photographs from the G7 summit showing Trump smiling and seeming comfortable with other world leaders.

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