Tesla’s Autopilot is just about to get a ‘full self-driving feature’

Tesla’s Autopilot is just about to get a ‘full self-driving feature’

Tesla’s Autopilot is just about to get a ‘full self-driving feature’

The Tesla product architect revealed that version 9 of Autopilot will aim to fix that issue.

The key words in Musk's tweet are "begin to enable".

The Tesla had been following a lead vehicle and travelling at the speed limit (of 65mph) eight seconds before the crash, the report said, taking advantage of the "Autopilot" system that allows drivers to follow the behaviour of a lead vehicle while maintaining a fixed distance from it.

He said the current version of Autopilot was most focused on safety, while the August update would introduce more autonomy.

Tesla's Model S and Model X, like other cars with electronic driver safety aids, warn drivers frequently to keep their eyes on the road and their hands on the wheel.

Shares of Tesla are now up nearly 10% in the past week and 5% this year.

Musk humor? It would appear not, as the SpaceX and Tesla CEO has already added some slim details to the original Tweet.

Tesla (NASDAQ:TSLA) stock surged more than 12 points to $330 in early trading Monday after Chief Executive Elon Musk tweeted that the next major Tesla software update will begin to enable all versions of the electric auto "full self-driving features".

What Musk means by "full self-driving features", though, is another question. That level of autonomy may still be years away.

The news, announced in a Musk tweet late Monday, comes at a time when earlier versions of the semi-autonomous Autopilot system have come under intense scrutiny. 8 seconds prior to the crash, the Tesla was following a lead vehicle and was traveling about 65 miles per hour, before it began a left steering motion.

Tesla has received criticism for how it has promoted the feature.

Musk says that the SpaceX package could contain as many as 10 thrusters "arranged seamlessly around the auto".

Musk also said the package would remove the vehicle's rear seats and advised that it would not be suited for urban areas.

"These rocket engines dramatically improve acceleration, top speed, braking & cornering". Tesla representatives said they are investigating the incident.

The idea of mounting rockets on a vehicle being used on public roads seems highly unlikely, but considering Musk recently started selling flamethrowers to supporters of his tunnel-making The Boring Company, he is just unpredictable enough that such ideas can't be dismissed outright.

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