Putin says Russian military not building long-term in Syria

Putin says Russian military not building long-term in Syria

Putin says Russian military not building long-term in Syria

The President of Russia Vladimir Putin asked the Chancellor of Austria, Sebastian Kurz to organize a summit with the participation of the President of the United States Donald trump in Vienna, reports the Wall Street Journal, citing a European official, reports DW.

"Ask the (U.S.) Department of State why he does it", Putin said.

He added with a characteristic coyness that "a lot will depend on what kind of job we do. and what results we can achieve". "But we, all the fans and football lovers in Russian Federation, have high hopes that our team will make a good showing, play a modern, interesting and attractive style of football, and fight to the finish". "If we combine it with an earlier joke - that Russian Federation influenced the USA election - all that sounds quite amusing".

Moscow will work persistently with that in mind, he said.

Regional officials have estimated annual maintenance costs of the various World Cup stadiums at 200 million to 400 million rubles ($3.2 million to $6.4 million) each.

After meeting Putin in Vienna, Van der Bellen said some USA politicians claim that the European Union is too dependent on Russian gas, but overlook the fact that American liquefied gas is much more expensive. "They see that Russian Federation has become a competitor to them ... we propose that this is a very mistaken policy".

"Did they annex Crimea?"

Russian President Vladimir Putin does not think that an ex-Russian spy and his daughter were poisoned with a military-grade nerve agent, because they survived the attack.

Britain has also blamed Russia for the nerve agent poisoning in the United Kingdom of a Russian former spy and his daughter, which Moscow denies. The Skripals were in critical condition for weeks before recovering.

Asked whether Russian Federation was considering blocking other popular apps or websites, Putin said authorities "are not going to shut down anything".

Mr Putin also said the government will be looking to streamline the tax system in order to fight poverty, but denied speculation that Russian Federation was considering abandoning its flat-rate income tax.

He said his primary concern was people's safety. Putin said the funds will have to come from streamlining the tax system but stopped short of saying whether that means actual tax hikes.

On Thursday he said Russia's gross domestic product is now 1.5% higher than a year ago. He described it as modest but said he's confident that future "growth is guaranteed".

Putin reclaimed the presidency in 2012 after the presidential term was extended to six years under Medvedev's tenure.

Austria was the first western European country to sign a gas delivery agreement with the Soviet Union, on June 1, 1968, and Putin's visit this week coincides with that anniversary.

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