'One time shot' for peace with North Korea

'One time shot' for peace with North Korea

'One time shot' for peace with North Korea

U.S. President Donald Trump is scheduled to hold an unprecedented summit with reclusive North Korean leader Kim Jong Un on Tuesday in Singapore.

Trump said Saturday he was embarking on a "mission of peace", as he departed the Group of Seven meeting in Canada to fly to the summit site in Singapore.

The minimum he hoped to achieve, Trump said, would be a "relationship, you start a dialogue, because as a deal person I've done very well with deals".

Speaking just before embarking on his marathon journey to Singapore for the pair's historic summit, Trump bristled with confidence as he boasted that contacts between their respective negotiating teams had been positive.

"The U.S. press is very dishonest", Trump said.

The road to the summit has been bumpy, with Trump pulling out of the summit last month after aggressive language from Hermit Kingdom. But if not, "at least we'll have met each other, we'll have seen each other; hopefully, we'll have liked each other".

"My suspicion remains that he is going to try to get as much sanctions relief as possible without having to give up his weapons", said Sen.

Eight days after cancelling the unprecedented summit, citing Pyongyang's "open hostility,"Trump welcomed North Korea's former intelligence chief, now under punitive US sanctions, to the White House Oval Office, afterward exchanging smiles and handshakes, and patting his arm in a friendly gesture. It will never be there again", the president said".

"That's a flawless deal for North Korea".

When he previously appeared at the Pyeongchang Winter Olympics in South Korea with the same Donald Trump lookalike, he was escorted out by security after waving and dancing in front of North Korea´s cheerleaders.

It's not clear if he had shipped over the massive bulletproof and fireproof limousine that became a social media sensation when Kim was shown being driven across the border between the Koreas during his first summit with South Korean President Moon Jae-in, in April, with a dozen staunch bodyguards encircling the auto.

I don't think I have to prepare very much.

On Friday, police said they had arrested two South Korean journalists and were investigating two others for allegedly attempting to break into the North Korean embassy a day earlier.

He went on to say that the goal of the summit would "be more meaningful with Russian Federation". Seeing Nobel Peace Prize laurels and eyeing potential to show up his critics at home and overseas, Trump is granting Kim the global legitimacy he's long sought in hopes of securing a legacy-defining accord.

Far removed from the tough talk and deep mistrust that has characterised worldwide relations with Pyongyang, a group of young Singaporean professionals are quietly making personal connections and building bridges with their peers in North Korea. "From what I can tell from (Trump's recent comments at the White House), they're not going to be asked to do much".

USA defence and intelligence officials have assessed the North to be on the threshold of having the capability to strike anywhere in the continental US with a nuclear-tipped missile - a capacity that Trump and other US officials have said they would not tolerate.

Trump cited the unprecedented nature of the meeting and said he was convinced that Kim is serious about doing good things for his country.

"Id like to accomplish more than that", Trump said.

Some analysts suggest that, rather than lead to a US-North Korea confrontation, a failed summit will result in renewed diplomatic efforts by South Korea - and possibly others - to restore stability and maintain North Korean restraint, so as to avoid the prospect of renewed escalation of military conflict.

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