Musk's Tesla Injury Claim Left Work-Safety Experts Wanting More

Musk's Tesla Injury Claim Left Work-Safety Experts Wanting More

Musk's Tesla Injury Claim Left Work-Safety Experts Wanting More

Tesla shares (NASDAQ:TSLA) are up 6.21% on Wednesday's intraday, trading at $309.19 per share amid positive sentiments over the company's capability to meet its Model 3 production targets for Q2 2018 and its growing energy business.

A shareholder proposal came up for vote on Tuesday that required Musk to give away his chairman role.

Tesla's CEO Elon Musk noted that the company was likely to hit its production target of 5,000 units per week for the Model 3, its new four-door mass-market all-electric sedan.

Musk told shareholders that the Tesla Model Y would be unveiled in March 2019 with production in early 2020. Musk confirmed the four-wheel drive version of the Model 3 is due in July, while a "shorter-range battery/lower-cost" Model 3 should arrive "around the end of this year".

The report says that 8 percent of depositors had configured a Tesla for production in April, which deems the purchase nonrefundable.

"At Tesla we build our cars with love", Musk said.

"We're doing everything we can to make our product as good and as fast as possible", said Musk, who is trying to increase Model 3 production from 3,500 a week to a targeted 5,000 a week in the next month.

"Model Y will not have any leather in it, even in the steering wheel.even if it does have a steering wheel", Musk said, according to Electrek. "At Tesla, we build our cars with love".

The fund also voted against the re-election of board member Antonio Gracias, but backed the reappointment of James Murdoch as well as Elon Musk's brother Kimbal.

But shareholders appeared Tuesday to affirm Musk's leadership by shooting down a proposal that could have stripped him of his role as chairman of the board.

"I'd probably put some sandbag on future dates; that's probably wise", Musk said.

"The rate of stationary storage deployment is going to grow exponentially", he added. That had represented the strongest challenge yet to Musk's grip on the Silicon Valley electric vehicle maker, which also faces production setbacks and expectations by many analysts that it will need to raise new cash. It marks a bright spot for the company's stock after a tumultuous few months, though it's still down more than 11% from a year ago.

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