Giuliani says special counsel's team is trying to frame Trump

Giuliani says special counsel's team is trying to frame Trump

Giuliani says special counsel's team is trying to frame Trump

Donald Trump has insisted he has the "absolute right" to pardon himself for committing a crime - but that he doesn't need to bother because he has "done nothing wrong". "The appointment of the special counsel is totally unconstitutional", he tweeted.

"If I say something wrong on this show. if you were the Federal Bureau of Investigation, my goodness, I'd - they could prosecute me for the mistake. This would be completely constitutional, according to Trump's new Supreme Court Justice Donald Trump". "If you just look at the Constitution, it says the president can pardon, and there are not words of limitation".

Republican lawmakers are pushing back against President Trump's claim he could pardon himself, though nothing in the U.S. Constitution precludes the president from doing so.

"It's an attempt to entrap the president", Biggs said on "Outnumbered Overtime" on Monday.

The New York Times on Saturday published a 20-page letter Trump's attorneys sent to special counsel Robert Mueller earlier this year.

Part of Mueller's investigation is looking at whether Mr Trump sought to criminally obstruct it, in particular with the sacking of ex-National Security Adviser Michael Flynn and former FBI director James Comey, and with his reaction to Attorney General Jeff Sessions' recusal from the investigation.

"This is the reason you don't let this president testify in the special counsel's Russian Federation investigation", Giuliani told Stephanopoulos. He supported Trump in 2016 and was considered but passed over for positions in the administration. No court has ruled on the issue, and the Justice Department opinion from 1974 said the president can not pardon himself. That's what the Founding Fathers created America all about, they didn't like the monarchies, but if a president can pardon himself, it's virtually a monarchy, at least as far as the president's concerned.

Trump's legal team has long pushed the special counsel to narrow the scope of its interview.

Mr Mueller, whose investigation already has led to criminal charges against Trump campaign aides including former campaign chairman Paul Manafort, is also looking into whether Mr Trump unlawfully sought to obstruct the Russian Federation investigation.

"It is pointing out that the president is the stronger figure", Giuliani told the AP. "Our recollection keeps changing" and sometimes needs to be corrected.

However he went on to explain that Trump would immediately face impeachment. His team raised the possibility in March of subpoenaing the president, but it is not clear if it is still under active consideration.

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