'Don't toast marshmallows on Hawaii volcano' says U.S. government

'Don't toast marshmallows on Hawaii volcano' says U.S. government

'Don't toast marshmallows on Hawaii volcano' says U.S. government

Lava from a Kilauea volcano fissure erupts near a residence in Leilani Estates, on Hawaii's Big Island, on May 27 in Pahoa, Hawaii. The slow-moving lava flow has disrupted the lives of many on the island, but officials have kept a very close eye on everything to ensure that nobody gets caught off guard (unless you're a Ford Mustang).

Lava also has covered two wells at a geothermal plant.

Things are continuing to get heated in Hawaii, as lava from Kilauea spreads to new territories.

"Stress is high, anxiety is high", Hawaii County Civil Defense Administrator Talmadge Magno told reporters Wednesday.

"You are at risk of being isolated due to possible lava inundation", the message added.

Lava crossed Highway 132, which connects the commercial center with smaller towns and farms in the area, authorities said Tuesday.

Hawaii County said Tuesday the lava destroyed the local electric utility's equipment on the highway.

A new fissure has opened, bringing the total number of cracks spouting lava to 24 since the volcano began erupting on May 3, Hawaii County Civil Defense said.

After a month of continual eruptions at Kilauea's summit and along its eastern flank, geologists say they have no idea how much longer it will last.

At that rate, the lava, which forced the evacuations of residents along roads north of Highway 132, covered nearly a half-mile in 80 minutes, the Hawaii County Civil Defense Agency said.

Only one serious injury has been reported, after a man was hit by projectile molten rock as he sat on his balcony.

These new flows were discovered by a drone that was mapping the flows for the U.S. Geological Survey.

Lava from another fissure was about 2.8 miles (4.5km) above the intersection and was advancing in pauses and surges of about 600 yards (548.64m) per hour, scientists said.

Active eruptions, including fountains, are sending Pele's hair (thin strands of volcanic glass) and volcanic emissions downwind. "If a forecast shift in wind direction occurs today, widespread vog could occur on the Island of Hawaii", it warned Monday evening.

This flow is fed by continued strong fountaining from Fissure 8. Authorities are telling residents to minimize their exposure to these to avoid skin irritation.

The eruption of Kilauea volcano, a major tourist attraction on the Big Island, has not affected flights in the area but its eruption is expected to affect tourism.

County officials said Monday there was no release of any unsafe hydrogen sulfide gas from the wells buried by lava, as some feared might happen if lava breached the well shafts that tap steam and hot water several thousand feet down.

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