Battlefield V will have battle royale

Battlefield V will have battle royale

Battlefield V will have battle royale

Electronic Arts has revealed key information regarding Battlefield V during their Play Live press conference in E3 2018.

The battle royale format mode will be called "Royale", although no further details were revealed during conference. We'll apparently know more about it later this year.

"I would be lying [if I said] there weren't people in the studio that would play [battle royale games] a lot", Gustavsson said with a laugh.

The world of competitive online shooting games officially has battle royale fever. But seriously, six minutes for a battle royale announcement. While EA first debuted Battlefield V on May 23, the company used this opportunity to elaborate on features like the massive Grand Operations. At any rate, it remains to be seen if Greene will make any additional comments about what he thinks about the new battle royale modes popping up left and right.

Battlefield V launches on 19th October for Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC with three day early access on 16th October for Deluxe Edition owners.

In addition, Battlefield V players will now be able to "dive and smash through windows to surprise your enemies", move turrets around the map, drive tanks straight through buildings, and customize characters more. Players complained that this wasn't historically accurate (even though many women did fight on the front lines of the war for certain countries) and that it broke the "immersion" that DICE promised for Battlefield V. Most of these arguments are flimsy covers for men who hate women.

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