Apple's Memoji lets you create an animated version of yourself

Apple's Memoji lets you create an animated version of yourself

Apple's Memoji lets you create an animated version of yourself

You should however keep in mind that if you're planning on using the better versions, there might be glitches and a data loss and therefore, you have to be careful about the version which you want to use.

Apple has made privacy a selling point for its devices for some time now and, as iTWire reported, has also made changes to the USB Restricted Mode in iOS so that third-party bids to crack passcodes would be limited. After shareholders filed a proposal earlier this year that would have urged Apple to do something to help iPhone users limit the time they spend on their devices, the company promised it would do just that.

Downtime is another tool for parents that will allow them to partially disable their child's device for a period of time, like bedtime or school.

Apple's iOS 12 includes updates to its Intelligence Tracking Prevention (ITP) tools with the latest offering blocking tracking features such as "Like" or "Share" buttons by default.

After recent news that Facebook provided "deep access" to smart device makers to access user data, and that the company also failed to report this information to consumers or the U.S. government, many are publicly voicing their displeasure with the actions of the social network company.

You can choose Grouped Notifications to be able to manage and view multiple notifications at one time, and choose to send notifications directly to Notification Center so you don't get a ping every time.

According to Apple, group FaceTime will become available when iOS 12 is rolled out.

What prompted the new features?

Speaking at Apple's Worldwide Developer Conference (WWDC) in San Jose on Monday, software boss Craig Federighi said the firm was placing tighter controls on social media's access to data.

'We're focused on the practice of tracking people when they don't know they're being tracked, ' Cook explained. This has been a strong focus area for Apple's rival Samsung, and may even hint that Apple has some kind of headset in the works for release later this year - though it certainly didn't say so.

Apple has announced new controls that will allow parents to remotely limit the amount of time their offspring spend on iPhones and iPads, as well as hold up a mirror to their own online habits.

Family using a smart phone at home. The battery usage chart comes with more information about battery usage.

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