Trump's GOP 'warriors' lead charge against Mueller

Trump's GOP 'warriors' lead charge against Mueller

Trump's GOP 'warriors' lead charge against Mueller

The president revisited the "phony witch hunt" two hours later in yet another tweet, calling attention to the intent of Democrats, which he said is to drag out the Russian investigation long enough "so it wrongfully impacts" the mid-term elections. "There is no O, it's called Fighting Back", the president tweeted.

Trump's tweets on Monday could reflect this change in strategy.

Although significant portions of the released memo were redacted, one broad aspect of Mueller's scope included investigating whether Trump's former campaign manager, Paul Manafort, "committed a crime or crimes by colluding with Russian government officials" or "committed a crime or crimes arising out of payments he received from the Ukrainian government before and during the tenure of President Viktor Yanukovych".

Trump regularly attacks the ongoing investigation, as he did Monday, and has considered firing Mueller - a looming threat that has divided the Republican Party.

Trump criticized the leak of the questions.

The Democratic opposition has warned about the consequences if Trump were to fire Mueller, a move that could open the door to an accusation of obstruction of justice.

The numbers reveal that Republicans are even more critical of the investigation now than they were earlier in the year.

Last year, the chairman of the panel, Devin Nunes, R-Calif., stepped away from leading the Russian Federation investigation over questions about his own credibility to run a fair and bipartisan inquiry.

Fitton referred to the setback Mueller's investigators suffered Friday when the federal judge rebuked them for their treatment of Manafort, who faces charges of bank fraud as a result of Mueller's scrutiny.

In congressional testimony, Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein has defended Mueller's team against criticism that it was politically tainted.

After President Donald Trump's new personal brawler/lawyer Rudy Giuliani spent the weekend trying to pull out of his mouth the foot he'd swallowed during last week's gobsmacking Hannity appearance, and Stormy Daniels made her Saturday Night Live debut in an all-star cold opening, Trump kicked off this week punching on Twitter.

It was U.S. District Judge T.S. Ellis who recently demanded access to the full memorandum, a stunning order from the judge who openly questioned whether Mueller had the authority to do as he wants.

Still, a vast majority of Americans, 76 percent, believe that President Trump should cooperate if he's asked to be interviewed for the investigation.

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