Trump discloses payment to Cohen in financial form

Trump discloses payment to Cohen in financial form

Trump discloses payment to Cohen in financial form

In new financial disclosure documents, President Donald Trump reported reimbursing his personal attorney, Michael Cohen, for an expenditure over $100,000 past year - an apparent reference to the $130,000 that Cohen paid to ensure the silence of an adult-film actress who claimed she'd had an affair with Trump.

A footnote in the disclosure said that Cohen had requested reimbursement of the expenses incurred in 2016 and Trump had repaid it in full in 2017.

Last year, Trump did not disclose any debts to Cohen, who executed a payment of $130,000 to Clifford less than two weeks before the 2016 presidential election.

Earlier this week, Democratic Senators Elizabeth Warren, Richard Blumenthal and Ron Wyden wrote to the CEOs of AT&T and Novartis suggesting that their companies' payments to Cohen "raise obvious questions about corruption".

Novartis's payments to Cohen have reportedly aroused the interest of Swiss public prosecutors, although there are now no criminal proceedings underway.

President Trump listens during a meeting with Uzbek President Shavkat Mirziyoyev in the Oval Office Wednesday.

Individual performance aside, there are broader signs that the business is retreating somewhat during the first part of Trump's presidency.

The report filed by the president says he "fully reimbursed" Mr. Cohen in the range of $100,000 to $250,000.

Meanwhile, Trump's D.C. hotel - which, fortuitously, opened its doors in September 2016 - has become one of the mogul's best-performing properties, as the patronage of foreign diplomats helped the venue produce $40.4 million in revenue a year ago.

The Office of Government Ethics concluded that "the payment made to Mr. Cohen is required to be reported as a liability", the agency's acting director David Apol said in a letter to Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein.

U.S. president Donald Trump has valued his golf course in Doonbeg, Co Clare at between $25 million and $50 million (€21.18 million-€42.36 million), according to a financial disclosures form published on Wednesday.

Mr. Rosenstein oversees the investigation by special counsel Robert Mueller, who is probing whether the Trump campaign colluded with Russian Federation and other matters. "No campaign finance violation", Giuliani said, because those in charge of paying off Daniels "Funneled it through [Cohen's] law firm, and the President repaid [Cohen]".

"As a co-signatory with our former CEO, I take personal responsibility to bring the public debate on this matter to an end", Ehrat said Wednesday. "OGE has effectively reported the president to DOJ for potentially committing a crime".

The report also disclosed the income Trump collected from several of his marquee properties, including what he has described as the "Winter White House" in Palm Beach, Fla.

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