The Walking Dead: Andrew Lincoln to Exit in Season 9

The Walking Dead: Andrew Lincoln to Exit in Season 9

The Walking Dead: Andrew Lincoln to Exit in Season 9

News that Andrew Lincoln, who plays Rick Grimes, will be leaving "The Walking Dead" after next season will apparently pay huge dividends for Norman Reedus.

Collider reports that AMC has offered Norman Reedus, who plays Darryl Dixon, a substantial raise to keep him on the show's roster and to move into the lead role.

Speaking of "walkers" and dying, Rick Grimes' son, Carl, played by Chandler Riggs got bitten and died too, leaving behind his dad to deal with his enormous grief.

As fans tried to come to terms with the impending loss of Rick Grimes many expressed a combination of sadness, gratitude to Andy Lincoln for the years he's spent bringing Rick Grimes to life, and ambivalence about their future support of the show.

AMC have declined to comment on the reports of Andrew Lincoln's departure. While the show has lost its fair share of stars over the past eight seasons, saying goodbye to the main heartbeat of the series would be its toughest challenge yet. We saw that effect when Chandler Riggs left the show just last season and we'll likely see an even bigger fan fallout when Lincoln leaves in Season 9. She also has an upcoming ABC series, Whiskey Cavalier. One fan declared "there is no show" without Rick's character present, whereas another person said that "nobody but Andrew Lincoln could've made me believe in this world or cared so much about it". In the comic books on which The Walking Dead is based, Rick remains the main character, so expect a serious deviation from the story when Lincoln does make his exit.

This article contains spoilers for season 8 of The Walking Dead.

Daryl is more of an outsider who goes off on missions on his own, so I don't see how he will go from that to being the leader, with the show revolving around him. What's more, his final run will take place over only six episodes. In response to that shocking news, we've gotten a slew of headlines about what kind of plans are being set in motion to fill the void after Lincoln departs the show.

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