'Ridiculous' That McCain Doesn't Want Trump at His Funeral: Sen. Hatch

'Ridiculous' That McCain Doesn't Want Trump at His Funeral: Sen. Hatch

'Ridiculous' That McCain Doesn't Want Trump at His Funeral: Sen. Hatch

While the younger McCain flew home over the weekend, news broke that the senator was beginning to make funeral arrangements.

The Arizona senator's daughter, Meghan McCain, rebuked Hatch earlier in the day following comments the senator made about her father.

The animosity between McCain, who has drifted leftward during his long tenure in the Senate, and Trump, is long-standing.

Orrin Hatch, who said McCain not wanting President Trump at his funeral was "ridiculous". "He does not believe that Donald Trump represents the kind of moral authority the president of the United States should represent for our country", he said on CNN.

The New York Times reported Saturday that McCain's "intimates" told the White House that his funeral plans were for Pence to attend a service at the National Cathedral in Washington, but not Trump. John McCain, R-Arizona, not to want President Donald Trump at his funeral. In addition to their many disagreements over policy and protocol, Trump has criticized McCain for being captured during the Vietnam War. The media site also suggests that McCain has shown "wrath" for Trump in his up and coming memoir. "I can not in good conscience vote for the Graham-Cassidy proposal [to kill ObamaCare], he stated. Without a full [Congressional Budget Office] score, which won't be available by the end of the month, we won't have reliable answers to any of those questions". The entire Democratic Party caucus opposed the bill. Yet some Twitter users mocked Trump for being the only one on the list of "undesired" guests. "I wouldn't expect anything to be different for Mr. McCain, Sen". In other words, McCain was demanding something that would ensure the defeat of any attempt to gut ObamaCare.

S.E. Cupp, a close friend of Meghan who took part in the same panel, describes McCain as "everything that President Trump is not".

Senator McCain's reported request for Mr trump to stay away has sparked a row among Republicans.

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