Playing Steam games on your phone? It's coming soon!

Playing Steam games on your phone? It's coming soon!

Playing Steam games on your phone? It's coming soon!

Now Valve has lifted the curtain on its plans, announcing the Steam Link app for iOS and Android, which will let you stream PC games to a number of devices. Now, Valve is extending their "service offerings" by introducing two apps for mobile devices that will allow players to play their games and watch videos on their phones and tablets. The first of these apps will be aptly titled the "Steam Link App" and will be landing on Android and iOS (with support for Apple TV). Android access will initially be offered in beta. The Steam Link app includes support for the Steam Controller and Apple-approved controllers.

The Stream Video app lets you watch video content from Stream even when offline.

As for input, Valve says the upcoming app will support the Steam Controller, MFi-based controllers, and "more across both platforms". To stream the games to the devices, a wireless 5GHz network or an internet cable to the Mac or PC is required.

Ethernet might be the way to go for a consistent playing experience, especially if you are like me and live in an apartment with thick walls. This may not sound overly impressive compared to many other streaming options on the market, but Steam does host a surprisingly large selection of video content. The Steam Link app is set to launch on May 21, 2018. The Steam Video app will be available sometime this summer.

More so when you consider the likes of Activision looking to break out from the Steam ecosystem and make its games exclusive to like Call of Duty: Black Ops 4. Valve revealed that it'll be releasing Steam Link apps for the pair of mobile operating systems.

Steam Link integration for on-the-go play would also be a smart move, and Valve has likely experimented with it.

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