Oculus debuts its $200 standalone VR headset: Oculus Go

Oculus debuts its $200 standalone VR headset: Oculus Go

Oculus debuts its $200 standalone VR headset: Oculus Go

The Oculus Go, which is available for sale on the Oculus website, Amazon, and in Best Buy stores, starts at $199, about half the price of the company's high-end Rift product. Amazon says that it "does not know when or if this item will be back in stock".

Unlike its predecessor, the Rift, the Oculus Go can run without a wired connection to a powerful computer.

The listing also says the device is only eligible for shipping to United States addresses. The retailer will let Facebook do that today at the F8 conference.

The Amazon post comes as the Oculus Go has already been spotted in the wild.

Behind a glass case, the user saw both 32gb and 64gb versions of the device. Therefore, there are two models with different storage capacities that can be ordered: a 32GB headset, which costs $269 CAD, anda 64GB model, which is priced at $329 CAD.

Zuckerberg has billed the device as an attempt to make VR adopted by the masses, with the goal of getting one billion people using the technology, which transports people into simulated environments.

Unlike the established Oculus Rift, also made by the Facebook-owned company, the Oculus Go is a headset that does not require an external PC source. On the outside, it resembles some of the VR headsets on the market that rely on a connecting smartphone for their brains and/or screens, such as Google's Daydream View.

According to Facebook, the Oculus Go has over 1,000 apps, games and experiences at launch, including Anshar Online, They Suspect Nothing and Space Explorers (NASA).

The Oculus Go is also designed with a lightweight, breathable fabric so that it can be worn for hours at a time. It's still a 3DoF controller, but it feels more robust than the laser pointer with buttons that mobile headsets have had previously.

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