Modi to visit Russia next week

Modi to visit Russia next week

Modi to visit Russia next week

Prime Minister Narendra Modi will visit Russia on May 21 for an informal summit with Russian President Vladimir Putin. "Both leaders will also discuss their respective national developmental priorities and bilateral matters", said the statement. Prime Minister Modi's visit also comes just months after Putin won the elections. Since the beginning of 2018, they have had several phone conversations.

Last month, Mr Modi travelled to Wuhan in central China for an informal summit with President Xi. By the end of 2017, India was Russia's 17th major trade partner, accounting for 1.6% of the entire trade turnover.

Sources said that the India-Russia informal summit will not supplant the annual summit, which will be held in India later this year. The summit, according to sources, was a last minute decision and only came together after an unnanounced visit to Moscow by NSA Ajit Doval and foreign secretary Vijay Gokhale.

It said the informal summit was in keeping with the tradition of regular consultations between India and Russian Federation at the highest level. Observers have termed the move significant to boost investments in India.

Informal summits are clearly the flavour of the season. The national security advisor also held talks with Secretary of the Russian Security Council Nikolai Patrushev besides calling on Lavrov, an Indian Embassy statement said.

India's deep military and strategic ties with Russian Federation date back to the beginning of the Cold War even as New Delhi led a movement of "non-aligned" countries that declared their tilt with neither Washington nor Moscow.

Raghavan felt that the ongoing developments around the world required both countries to "affirm a mutual commitment" beyond the confines of a formal summit.

This message had to be conveyed against a backdrop of deteriorating US-Russia relations which has ignited a budding Russia-China alliance. Ever since the Trump administration chose to withdraw from the nuclear deal, alleging that Tehran is not fulfilling its commitments, the global community has been working overtime to salvage the deal. This could affect the S-400 missile defence system deal which is said to be at an advanced stage of negotiations.

On the part of Russian Federation, the visit by the Indian Prime Minister will be a boost to President Putin amid pressure from the U.S. and its European allies.

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