Members of migrant caravan stopped at United States border entry

Members of migrant caravan stopped at United States border entry

Members of migrant caravan stopped at United States border entry

Mexican officials late on Sunday allowed a first group into the walkway, about 50 women, children and transgender people, among the "most vulnerable" of the caravan, organizers said.

USA president Donald Trump vowed last week to "stop" the caravan while cabinet members said they would deliver a swift response. It can hold about 300 people at a time, and officials had been warning that it might fill up.

"Depending upon [San Ysidro] port circumstances at the time of arrival, those individuals may need to wait in Mexico as CBP officers work to process those already within our facilities", CBP Commissioner Kevin McAleenan said.

Figueroa said he doesn't know if they would be allowed in and had not received word from USA immigration officials.

But for all the noise, it remains to be seen whether the White House's actions will have much of an impact on the roughly 600 Central Americans who plan to present asylum claims.

"We've been watching with great interest the advance of the so-called 'caravan, '" Pence said. "We are going to build the wall".

"Now that our journey is ending, we demand that our rights as refugees, migrants and human beings be respected", the group said in a statement. "I don't believe it".

One such migrant is Gabriela Hernandez, a pregnant mother of two who fled Honduras and crossed Guatemala into Mexico to join the group heading north.

Attorney General Jeff Sessions has called the caravan "a deliberate attempt to undermine our laws and overwhelm our system", and said the Justice Department would prosecute smugglers and anyone who commits fraud. Migrants have a right to apply for asylum, whether or not they get detained in the process. "They want in on the act!" he said in a series of tweet.

She said that police in her hometown of Atlantida, Honduras, jailed her for protesting construction of a hydroelectric plant and that she received death threats after being released.

She is seeking asylum after two of her family members were killed by a gang. There, they were told to wait temporarily in Mexico.

Migrants made their way from Tijuana to San Diego on Sunday morning, toward International Friendship Park on the countries' border.

The travelers face an uncertain future if they ask for asylum.

Young children - and in one case, a pregnant woman - were detected among people trying to enter the USA illegally through "a dark, treacherous canyon that is notorious for human and drug smuggling", CBP Chief Patrol Agent Rodney Scott said, adding that it was "unconscionable" that children were being smuggled into the country in what he referred to as unsafe conditions.

Galvez visited Tijuana to train and instruct the Central Americans in their asylum procedures.

About 50 asylum seekers camped overnight on a sidewalk outside the Mexican entrance to the border crossing. He hopes for more opportunities, like a job and education in the U.S. For asylum-seekers whose cases were decided in the San Francisco immigration court over the past six years, for example, the odds of rejection ranged from 9.4% to 97.1% depending on the judge. "Hopefully the US will believe me", she says, "and let me in". The Guatemalan cook said she had fled a violent partner who attacked their eight-month-old son.

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