Iowa Legislature Passed "Heartbeat" Abortion Ban

Iowa Legislature Passed

Iowa Legislature Passed "Heartbeat" Abortion Ban

A fetal heartbeat can be detected as early as six weeks into pregnancy, two weeks after a first missed period, and well before a person may realize that they are pregnant.

In an early morning vote, the Iowa legislature passed a bill that, if signed by the governor, will ban most abortions in the state, the Des Moines Register reports.

In the Iowa House, State Representatives Jane Bloomingdale (R-Northwood), Chip Baltimore (R-Boone), Lee Hein (R-Monticello), Dave Maxwell (R-Gibson), Andy McKean (R-Anamosa), and Louie Zumbach (R-Coggon) were the only Republicans to vote against the bill.

"This takes banning abortion to a whole new level", said Jennifer Aulwes, who works for Planned Parenthood in Minnesota.

And it's most certainly going to be challenged in court, opponents say.

"The Supreme Court's hands are tied by 40-year case law that has allowed 60 million babies to be aborted", she said, referring to the landmark Roe v. Wade decision permitting abortion.

Regular commercial property in the state is assessed by local assessors and receives a 90 percent rollback because of the 2013 commercial property tax relief legislation.

If Ms Reynolds signs the bill into law, it will likely be challenged in court for possibly violating Roe v Wade, the US Supreme Court ruling that legalized abortion in 1973.

Senior State Issues manager at Guttmacher Institute Elizabeth Nash said this was "the most restrictive abortion ban in the country".

Activists on both sides of the abortion rights debate say they expect the bill to be challenged in court.

The bill, which the House passed the bill 51 to 46 and the Senate voted in favor 29 to 17 after hours of debate, would require doctors to conduct an ultrasound, and if a heartbeat is found, an abortion can not be performed.

Planned Parenthood of Heartland says doctors who perform abortions are not protected under the bill.

The Supreme Court has declined to hear similar cases in recent years.

"Women struggling to feed the children they have will find a way to end pregnancy", Wessel-Kroeschell said, perhaps resorting to pre-Roe methods involving coat hangars and "back alley" abortions.

Democrats called the bill "intentionally unconstitutional".

"It's time for the (U.S.) Supreme Court to weigh in on the issue of life", Lundgren said during floor debate.

"So-called "heartbeat protection" bills are actually bans on safe, legal abortion, and they threaten to set reproductive rights back by decades".

President Donald Trump and his administration have taken a strong stance against abortion. Most abortions in Iowa are barred after 20 weeks, whereas most states prohibit abortions once the fetus is viable, that is when the fetus is capable of prolonged life outside of the mother's womb. Ms. Reynolds has not indicated publicly whether she supports the legislation, but a spokesperson for the governor said she "is 100 percent pro-life and will never stop fighting for the unborn".

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