Disney arm ESPN to create live sports related content for Twitter

Disney arm ESPN to create live sports related content for Twitter

Disney arm ESPN to create live sports related content for Twitter

In total, Twitter said it has inked more than 30 new digital content partnerships and renewals across entertainment, news, sports and gaming, which is more than double the amount it announced at the same event previous year.

Twitter's Live Brand Studio, a managed service offering announced on Monday, will work with brands on live video content, targeting and media planning on the platform. Content will also be shared on other ESPN handles.

For now, Reuters can more effectively monetize replay clips and segments than live programming, since replays can be watched asynchronously throughout the day and brands are more comfortable with well-heeled pre-roll formats than testing out live news sponsorships (especially considering that the most popular live news is often natural disaster or tragedy).

"We're not guessing, we're listening".

Madati added: "In the past year, we've really expanded our efforts with the best publishers and content creators in the world to bring a slate of programming that reflects those diverse content interests". Two of the deals are for new series, while one adds to an existing series and another focuses on individual documentary-style content. Fans will be able to tune-in to over 20 hours of live broadcast from each festival taking them on a live journey of its multiple stages. The channel has been working closely with Twitter since 2007.

Since the beginning of the year, Twitter has taken big steps into live news and media, Dan Colarusso, Reuters' executive editor and digital head of global programming, told AdExchanger last month.

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Barstool Sports: An eight-episode Twitter exclusive, Barstool Live is a new show offering insight on some of the biggest sporting events in the USA with Pat McAfee, Dean "Big Cat" Katz, and sports writer PFT Commenter. Both companies have struck a deal that's going to bring a variety of live shows to the microblogging network.

Twitter's shares leapt 4.5pc after the Disney deal was announced, benefiting in part from the high performance of the record-setting box-office debut of Avengers: Infinity War the previous weekend. The 30-minute shows are expected to feature live, original content from top sporting events across the country with the hosts of Pardon My Take plus former NFL All-Pro Pat McAfee.

The platform also shared the launch of Live Brand Studio, a service that helps companies build live videos. "Only Twitter has brand-safe content, paired with the best presentation".

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