Diesel hybrid to join Kia powertrain line-up

Diesel hybrid to join Kia powertrain line-up

Diesel hybrid to join Kia powertrain line-up

Adding electric assistance to the Sportage's diesel engine upon take off and under partial loads, the electric motor provides 10kW of power and is said to improve overall efficiency by 4 per cent.

Kia claims the EcoDynamics+ system will result in much cleaner and more efficient diesel engines, with as much as four per cent less Carbon dioxide emitted on the new Worldwide Harmonised Light Vehicles Test Procedure standard.

Kia says that its mild-hybrid technology can provide extra acceleration for overtaking, as well as reducing engine load when the vehicle is being driven more gently. The compact design means the technology can be integrated into many existing vehicle and powertrain architectures.

Further details are expected to be released closer to a mild-hybrid model being unveiled in the latter half of 2018.

The Korean auto maker has confirmed a new 48-volt battery with starter generator unit will feature on vehicles in Europe from this year, beginning with the Sportage SUV.

When decelerating, an inverter switches the current of the motor, effectively turning it into a generator to top up the 0.46kWh battery.

The EcoDynamics+ diesel mild-hybrid powertrain will enable Kia to offer cleaner diesel engines. There'll be a mode for harnessing energy released during braking to recharge the 48v battery and a "moving stop and start" function that can switch off the engine as you're slowing down, before the auto has come to a complete halt.

The battery recovers energy from the diesel engine's crankshaft when the vehicle is decelerating or driving downhill.

The electrified models will be two of 16 new advanced-powertrain vehicles Kia will introduce by 2025, including a electric version of Kia's Niro SUV later this year. It can even deliver a "Moving Stop-Start" if there's enough charge in the battery. If the battery has sufficient charge, the combustion engine turns off automatically during deceleration and braking. As for the MHSG, since it integrates directly with the engine, there will be little need to repackage the engine bay.

The EcoDynamics+ mild-hybrid system is compatible with both manual and automatic transmissions, and can work on any type of drivetrain layouts (front-, rear- and all-wheel). Depending on vehicle, the 48V battery can be mounted beneath the trunk floor, freeing up interior space.

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