Cyclone wreaks havoc on Saudi-occupied Yemeni island

Cyclone wreaks havoc on Saudi-occupied Yemeni island

Cyclone wreaks havoc on Saudi-occupied Yemeni island

As a result, heavy rains are forecasted for Socotra Island, followed by the southern Arabian coast from Sayhut in eastern Yemen to Salalah and Ash Shuwaymiyyah in southern Oman, which could cause local flooding and damage. Mekunu is expected to continue moving in this direction during the remainder of this week and make landfall near Salalah, Oman on about Saturday 26 May.

Socotra Gov. Ramzy Mahrous said one ship sank and two others ran aground in the storm, initially saying authorities believed 17 people were missing and presumed dead.

More than 10 inches of rain has fallen in Oman's third largest city Salalah, with the deluge amounting to three years of its typical rainfall in one day.

A man and a 12-year-old girl were killed, while three Asian nationals were missing after the cyclone Mekunu hit Oman's Dhofar and Al-Wusta provinces, the GulfNews reported.

Across Salalah, branches and leaves littered the streets.

He added that Cyclone Mekunu has slowed down and that it is no longer categorized as a hurricane but an orbital storm.

Electrical workers have been trying to fix lines in the city while police and soldiers have been patrolling in 4x4s.

The girl died after wind swept her against a wall, police say.

India's Meteorological Department said in a bulletin Thursday morning that the storm was some 190 kilometers, or 118 miles, east-northeast of Socotra Island.

The cyclone was the most powerful in Oman's recorded history.

Oman's Public Authority for Civil Aviation assured the public it's monitoring the storm and will issue updates as it progresses. Cyclone Mekunu will be "extremely severe" when it crashes into the Arabian Peninsula.

Flash floods engulfed Socotra's streets, cutting electricity and communication lines. A storm surge causing coastal flooding is expected with damaging winds and torrential rains leading to life-threatening flooding. Some humanitarian aid from Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates arrived on the island just hours after the cyclone receded.

The UAE was a key member of the Saudi-led coalition that has been waging a deadly war on Yemen since March 2015, but divisions have emerged in the face of clashing vested interests.

Socotra has a unique ecosystem and is home to rare species of plants, land snail and reptile species that can be found nowhere else around the planet.

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