Controversy as UFC coach refuses to throw in towel for fighter

Controversy as UFC coach refuses to throw in towel for fighter

Controversy as UFC coach refuses to throw in towel for fighter

On the high of capturing the title, Nunes welcomed back former bantamweight queen, Ronda Rousey, who had not stepped inside the Octagon for more than a year following her stunning upset loss to Holly Holm at UFC 193. "Unfortunately, tonight he failed".

Nunes got the back of Pennington in the fifth, the 29-year-old landing a volley of strikes from the top to the head and face of Pennington, who's nose exploded, leaving a bloody mess and forcing the referee to eventually intervene. Nunes didn't get exhausted and won most of the striking exchanges and landed a takedown of her own in the third round.

"She went to the hospital". Pennington recovered a bit in the second round and was able to score a takedown for her lone bright spot in the fight. It might be a bad injury.

And even after taking down the former Team Tate star, Nunes was met with more doggedness from Pennington, who was fast running out of ideas of how to dethrone the Brazilian.

"She was physically in the fight in round five but she wasn't mentally in the fight", a UFC commentator said. "It was very hard for me". "I am excited for this fight, for sure, because I know how tough Raquel is". The bout was the first to serve as a UFC PPV headliner with two openly gay fighters. "It was the most hard fight in my career to fight this girl".

"When it comes to finish this bout, something I've dreamed about for so long, I have to do it".

Nunes made an impression right out of the gate with a leg kick that dropped Pennington and set up the rest of her offense.

Before the decisive round, Pennington was heard saying "I'm done", but her coach insisted she should return to the bout. Because we have the respect. But we are going to leave this cage and have a beer and celebrate our friendship. Pennington managed to take Nunes down in the second round, but the champion managed to get back to her feet and withstood a solid combination. But, the fight still went on with the acceptance of Amanda Cooper. The win also leaves Nunes with a tough decision for what comes next as she could potentially look for a fourth straight defense of her belt against fellow Brazilian Ketlen Vieira or hold out for a super fight against women's featherweight champion Cris Cyborg instead.

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